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  • VTF Stay Subcommittee Notes from Nov. 10th Forum

    Read them here. Stay Forum Notes 11_10_19.pdf   Read more.

  • New Forum Video here - VTF Stay Sub-Committee Nov 10th

    Co-chairs Doug Diamond and Kathleen Brand and members of the VTF Stay Sub-Committee held their first forum on Sunday, November 10th. View the video.   Read more.

  • Calling all Young Adults and Youth!

    Our Music Coordinator, Lara Korneychuk, is facilitating a collaboration between Chalice Choir and Young Adults/Youth at First UU for the holiday season. We will be preparing a secular Christmas song to sing together in the services on Sunday, December 15, for Music Sunday. A young adult herself, Lara is excited to help you in any way she can to feel comfortable and prepared for a fun morning of singing.   Read more.

  • Did You Know?

    We have removed all toilet seat protector sheets from all rest rooms on our church campus. We have been finding several “clogged” toilets…meaning toilet paper and toilet seat protector sheets wadded up and left in the toilets so that they cannot be flushed. Our delicate sewer ejector pump system cannot handle these situations and neither can our plumbing pipes.   Read more.

  • Watch the video from our first VTF Core Team forum held this past Sunday, Nov 3

    Use this link to watch the video of our first forum featuring members of the VTF Core Team, led by Board President Rhiannon Smith.https://zoom.us/recording/share/pHrFIPptn0l4dWpDl-0FWyqag0TBNTlYEV-TqQu98tewIumekTziMw   Read more.

  • American Sign Language (ASL) is Expanding at First UU!

    Beginning November 10, our signing community will have a table, called the Signing Hub, during the break between services (10:30 am — 11:30 am). For beginners, or the curious, we’ll have introductory materials about ASL, and some new vocabulary and sentences to learn each week. For established signers, come and chat!   Read more.

  • Ofrenda

    If you brought in items to add to our ofrenda, these may be picked up this Sunday, November 3. If you are unable to retrieve your items on November 3, contact Jenner@firstuusandiego.org to arrange a pick up time.   Read more.

  • Board Update

    Your board of trustees met on October 15. We approved the ordination request from Everett Howe (keep an eye on The Window for details), heard our first treasurer's report of this fiscal year, discussed food insecurity in our congregation and in the broader community, and celebrated our congregation's successes (including the 11th birthday of our South Bay Campus). You can access the minutes in the Members Only section of our website.   Read more.

  • Specialty Bazaar a Huge Success!

    We had a very successful past weekend with our Specialty Bazaar, which grossed $6,280 in sales. We would like to hold up the work of Rhea Kuhlmanas, Chair of this event: she led with an even keel, was a master of positivity, and was warm and welcoming to all. Plus, all of the volunteers who helped sort, clean, price, sell, clean up, etc.   Read more.

  • Gift Cards

    Starting in November we’ll be selling gift cards on the patio every week until Christmas. You’ll be able to get cards that are perfect as stocking stuffers, cards for the stores where you shop, and of course any of the cards you or others might use for groceries, restaurants, pharmacies, gas, clothing and entertainment. Questions?   Read more.

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