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Women Together

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Women Together

Friday, October 21 through Sunday, October 23, 2011
Camp de Benneville Pines, California

Women Together is an event where women of all backgrounds, ages (16 and up or nursing babies of any gender), and spiritual experiences can unite and share in community and support each other through expressions of joy, worship, intellect, concern, art, music, and mutual respect.

Celebration in the Pines

This year we are concentrating on the joy in our lives and celebrate what it means to be female. We will celebrate 50 years of camp de Benneville as our retreat in the mountains.   But mostly, we are celebrating each other.  Come and be joyous with sisters of the spirit amid the towering pines of camp de Benneville.

On Saturday morning, we will have one workshop for all attendees. Using Jean Houston's work with the ancient Albanian story of the Seven Sisters, keynote speakers Carol Angell and Katrin Gillespie will explore ways we can reclaim our personal power. Each of the seven sisters, represented by a goddess archetype, has special abilities and strengths. We will look at ways to access these traits so we reconnect to our essential self.   

Relax on the deck of the main lodge or on the porch of one of the cabins at our beautiful retreat center.  Enjoy hiking, swimming in the pool, various afternoon workshops, or just sit in the hot tub and gaze at the stars.  Camp de Benneville is located at 6500 feet in the San Bernadino National Forest near Big Bear.  To ensure a totally relaxing weekend and enjoy the spectacular scenery, plan to join us on the bus hired for our comfort.  Munchies and beverages will be served on the drive.

To register click on the registration form to the left or contact  Benita Berkson at 4benita@cox.net, Carol Elliott at carolrelliott@gmail.com, Rose Van Oss at etvo1@cox.net, Joanne Barnes at joanne.barne.sd@gmail.com, Maxine Levaren at mlevaren@yahoo.com, Wanda Boyle at wboyle8864@cox.net, or Michele Fergoda at 760-942-1290.