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Who We Are Instuctions

Who We Are Instuctions

Who We Are, An Oral History Project

The Who We Are Project aims to contribute First Church voices to StoryCorps, an online oral history repository, in order to give the public a sense of what it means to be a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego. TheStoryCorps appwill be used to record interviews between First Church members about how they came to First Church, and about the activities and issues that keep them here as members. The “Who We Are” program will facilitate interviews between church members and assist in saving the interview on the StoryCorps website. Special church-related questions geared toward explaining your relationship to the church have been compiled. Excerpts of the recordings can be used to share with newcomers to First Church to better understand what it means to belong to this community.

· Select an interviewer and interviewee. Pairs are encouraged to interview each other to make two separate interviews.
· Discuss the interview questions from the suggested question list on the StoryCorps page of the church website at http://www.firstuusandiego.org/storycorps. Select five to seven of questions for the interview. The StoryCorps app also has questions you may use in the Religion and Spirituality section. You may also write your own custom questions.
· You will need a smart phone or tablet to record and publish your interview. You can arrange for technical assistance or equipment at the Patio table on Sunday, or by contacting Kath Hillery or Nancy Fisk.
· Download the StoryCorps app from the App Store (for Apple products) or Google Play (for Android products). It is free. You will see Tips at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through them all by swiping the screen to the right. There will be a number of dots at the bottom of the screen. There is one dot for each page of tips, and the dot for the page you are currently on will be highlighted.
· Create an account at StoryCorps
· Select My Interviews and touch the + in the upper right portion of the screen and Prepare an Interview to start a new interview.
· Select a title for your interview. Please use the interviewee’s name, and First UU Church of San Diego in the title. Enter the title and touch Save in the upper right corner of the screen.
· The app then asks What questions will you ask? You must select at least one question from StoryCorps, or you can write your own questions. You do not have to ask that one question if it doesn’t suit you. There are several ways to display the questions you have selected during the interview – enter the questions as custom questions, download and use the PowerPoint Slide Show available from the church website, or print the questions on paper. Select a method for displaying the questions during the interview.
o View the questions on the app: This will allow you to noiselessly switch from one question to the next when you swipe the screen. Some of the suggested questions mirror those in the Religion and Spirituality section of StoryCorps, so you can select those.
§ To select a question, press the + to the right of the question to add it to your list of questions.
§ To unselect it, touch the check mark to the right of the question.
§ When you are done selecting questions, touch Save in the upper right corner.
§ You can view and reorder your list by touching View My List in the lower right hand corner.
§ To rearrange the questions, select Reorder your questions at the bottom of the screen, and touch the three lines next to the question to pick it up so you can slide it up or down in the order. Touch Finish Reorder to save your changes.
§ To delete a question, swipe left on it. A delete button will appear on the right.
o Custom Questions: You are welcome to enter your selected questions as custom questions.
§ At the top of the question list you will find the Write your own question section. Touch the arrow to the right and another page will display with space for you to type a custom question.
§ Enter your question.
§ Touch Save.
§ That question is automatically added to your Question List.
§ Repeat as desired to enter all your questions.
o PowerPoint Slide Show: This method will also silently move from one question to the next. Your customized slide show will need to be displayed on a different computer or tablet than the one being used to make the recording. Download the file from the church website, and delete any slides that have questions you don’t want to use. During the interview, play the slide show and use the arrow or enter keys to move from one question to the next.
o Questions on Paper: While this method is the easiest to set up, it could lead to extra noise during the interview if the paper is moved during recording. Be sure the font is large enough for both parties to read comfortably.
· The next question is Who will you interview? If you include your interviewee’s email address, they will get a link to their interview once it is uploaded. You may add a third person, but be careful not to talk over each other. Touch save when finished entering the information.
· The last question is How much time do you have? This lets the device know how much memory it will need. Select 15 minutes, as the goal for these interviews is between five and ten minutes. The app will automatically stop after 45 minutes.

· Find a quiet location where extraneous noises can’t be heard. Silence phones by setting them to airplane mode.
· Rehearse the questions and answers without recording. It helps get both parties warmed up and helps to make the answers succinct and focused.
· Touch Record this interview at the bottom of the screen. Recording will not start until you press the next button.
· The first question screen has the interviewer introduce both participants. You may include your age if you desire, but it is not required. Interviews with children under 13 are not allowed to be uploaded. Those interviews can be stored on the recording device. Be prepared to describe the relationship between the interviewer and the interviewee. If you are not partners, you may want to describe your relationship as friends, colleagues, or members of the same church.
· The microphone is near the bottom of the recording device. Position the device flat on a table between the two of you so the sound quality will be the same for both participants.
· Sit close to each other, and maintain eye contact.
· Press the record indicator and the interviewer can begin talking.
· When you finish a question, swipe the screen or advance the slide show to move to the next question. You may want the interviewee to do this as a way to indicate they have completed their answer.
· When you are finished with the interview, thank the interviewee, and press the Done button. The app will ask if you are finished with the recording. Answer yes if you are, answer no if you want to continue adding to this interview. If you decide to start over, select yes, delete the recording and begin again.
· Take a photo of your both of you, or just your interviewee. This photo will uploaded to the website along with the audio file. If you wish, you can take a photo of an item that is significant to the interviewee rather than taking their picture. Press the camera icon at the bottom of the page and your camera will activate. You can switch the feed from the back of the camera to the front if you want to include yourself in the photo (take a selfie). After you take the picture, the screen will show you what it captured, and you have the option to retry the picture or accept it by touching OK. Crop the photo is the next option. The final photo will be square, so move the squares around the screen until you get the photo you want. You can zoom in by touching opposite corners of the largest square and bringing your fingers together. You can move the image around by touching it with one finger and moving that finger around. If necessary, cancel and retake the photo. Touch Done when you are satisfied.

Edit Your Interview:
· You will be given a chance to edit the information about the interview. Touch edit if you want to change the picture, title or participants. Please enter a summary of the interview, including the name of the interviewee, the interviewer and something about the church.
· Use the following keywords: Church, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, Unitarian Universalist, First UU Church of San Diego, any others that are relevant to your interview
· The recording location will include the city, state and country.
· When done, touch save. you have the option to upload the interview immediately, or save to the device. Once it is uploaded, you can’t change it, so save to device if you want to listen to it first.
· You will see your photo and an orange box on the left with a triangle in it. That is the play button so you can listen to your interview. On the right you will see three dots. Touch those and a menu opens up, allowing you to listen, upload, edit info , create an excerpt and delete. Cancel takes you back to the previous screen.
· When you are satisfied, publish the interview to upload it to the StoryCorps website. Touch the box by the consent message to indicate that both parties agree to publication. Be sure you are connected to the internet and touch Start. It may take a few minutes for the upload to complete.
Share your story:
· Now that your interview is done, you will get an email with a link to the interview. You can share this link in an email or on a social media site. Spread the good word about First Church by sharing your story with other.
· You can browse for other First UU stories by searching for the keywords described above.
Thank you for participating in this oral history project. It will help us serve the mission of the church by nurturing spiritual growing and creating community so we can act on our values to help heal the world.