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Visualizing the DREAM CHURCH Study Process

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego has launched a study to help the congregation envision our Dream Church and support the development of the Church’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan and other Church projects. We invite all members of the Church, friends and partners to help us envision our Dream Church by participating in this study.

To participate in this study, you will have the best experience by working through the process with a partner but you can work on this on your own, of course. We are going to ask you to email your responses to us, so you may want to type them directly into the body of that email.

We will ask two things: first tell us what you appreciate about First Church now and second to describe your dream church.

Before you start, take a relaxing breath, then answer this question, “What do you appreciate about First Church now?”

Pause the video and answer the question. You can type it into that email or write it on a piece of paper. When you and your partner, if you’re working with one, are done writing, start the video again.

Now we want to know about your Dream Church.

By “church” we mean more than the building, more than Sunday services; we mean evening activities for young adults and children, spiritual retreats, camping, traveling together, social justice projects, different ways to create community, nurture spiritual growth, and act on our values to help heal the world.

Pause the video and answer the question What is your DREAM CHURCH? When you and your partner, if you’re working with one, are done writing, start the video again.

After finishing your responses, email them to visioning1stchurch@gmail.com.

You can also send questions and other comments to this address as well.

Thank you for helping us grow our Dream Church!

The 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

Why are we doing this envisioning? 
To help guide the development of the FUUCSD 2019-2024 Strategic Plan. This will also help us with the location decision and response to the UCSD Hospital offer to buy our campus.

Who gets to contribute visions?
FUUSD members, friends, community partners as individuals and members of their group or organization.

What happens with all these ideas?
The Vision study volunteers will analyze and summarize the ideas, then present the results to the Board. The Board will work with these with the external consultants who are coming to help the new Board prepare the Church’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan. The visions shared will be also posted on the Church web site in the Members page.

What’s the timeline?

  • June 23, 2019: Visioning study Board forums—after services at both campuses.
  • June 30, 2019: Informal collection after services at both campuses.
  • May 25-July 1, 2019:  Anyone can contribute ideas, questions, concerns, etc.
  • July 16, 2019: Vision study report to Board.
  • August 2019: 2019-2024 Strategic Plan Retreat with consultants.
  • Fall 2019: Board presents 2019-2024 Strategic Plan to congregation.
  • December 2019: Church responds to UCSD about sale of HC campus.

How will the UCSD medical center affect the Hillcrest Campus?
The UCSD Medical Center has launched major changes that will lead to declining church income from the parking lot. They have offered to buy the Hillcrest campus and expect an answer to their offer from the Church by the end of December.

We want your input

Please attend any of the upcoming Visioning meetings, talk to a Vision Study volunteer or a board member or email your ideas, concerns, questions, suggestions, etc. to visioning1stchurch@gmail.com.

Who to contact

The members of our Church Board of Trustees are available to answer your questions. For their contact info, visit our Board of Trustees page.