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The Welcome Center

State of the art new facility

When planning your next conference, celebration or other function, consider the brand new Welcome Center facilities at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, one of the most beautiful and affordable function centers anywhere in San Diego.

The First UU campus is a delightful, open area with an abundance of vegetation and extensive landscaping. Facing this beautiful setting, the Welcome Center offers a variety of conference facilities designed to provide maximum flexibility for a wide variety of events.

The Welcome Center is the newest addition to First Church. Downstairs you'll find our large Bard Hall along with the elegant Law Lounge, cozy Library and the Boone Archive Room. Upstairs there are three carpeted meeting rooms which vary in size from small to large, each with vaulted ceilings. Two of the rooms have direct access to an outdoor balcony, and all are accessible via a central staircase and elevator. Restrooms are located on the same floor and coffee and tea facilities are situated in the upstairs hallway. Whether you are planning an elaborate wedding celebration or an all-day conference, the First UU’s Welcome Center facilities are geared to provide you and your guests with the perfect facilities to make your function a resounding success!

Note: The campus is handicapped accessible and features a large, well-lit public parking lot.

Bard Hall, Rm. 300

As our largest room in the Welcome Center, Bard Hall provided a congenial, pleasantly decorated open space, with plenty of natural light, an elegant entry hall and a surrounding patio area. The wall hangings consist of beautiful, interesting and diverse artistic works from the Church’s extensive art collection. The room is made ideal for dining by an adjacent, commercial standard kitchen designed to prepare quality meals for both large and small gatherings. Bard Hall accommodates three hundred guests.

The Law Lounge, Rm. 301

The Lounge is a cozy, warmly furnished, small group discussion room which is conducive to intimate conversation and quiet gatherings. The room is pleasantly decorated with works of art and historical photographs which give it a sense of timelessness and serenity. This lovely room accommodates ten.

The Library, Rm. 311

The book lined walls of the Welcome Center Library give this room a sense of eternity, wisdom and knowledge making it ideal for discussions, brain-storming, planning and spiritual unfolding. Ten people can be accommodated around an elegant table and comfortable chairs, and the books can be accessed to add depth and understanding to any discussion.

The Boone Archive Room, Rm. 313

This room contains thousands of documents which record the church’s history. To step into this room is to step into 130 years of great progress and accomplishment in revealing and unfolding the truth of our existence and purpose here on planet Earth. The Archive room can accommodate 18 people around a central table. 

Room 320 (upper level)

Carpeted meeting room with vaulted ceiling, can accommodate 15 people.

Room 321 (upper level)

Carpeted meeting room with vaulted ceiling, can accommodate 17 people.

Room 323 (upper level)

Carpeted meeting room with vaulted ceiling, can accommodate 35 people.