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The Channing Society

A Tradition of Giving

William Ellery ChanningThroughout our Church’s history, its members and friends have made charitable gifts to secure a strong future for our liberal religion and beloved Church. Each generation has helped to advance Unitarian Universalism and strengthen the First UU Church of San Diego by various means of gifting -- current gifts of cash, real estate, and securities, and planned bequests from wills, trusts, IRAs, 401ks, and other retirement plans, gifts of life insurance, and through other gifting arrangements, such as the UUA Pooled Income Fund and UUA Charitable Gift Annuity Fund. 

Our church created the Channing Society to recognize, honor and thank the generous individuals who have made or arrange to make a lasting contribution to the First UU Church’s long-term financial survival and health. The Channing Society is named after William Ellery Channing (1780-1842), a noted Unitarian minister, poet, and author. 

Members of the Channing Society have their names placed on a magnificent sculpture entitled "Sustainers of the Flame" that is located on the south wall of our meeting house sanctuary. In addition, events are hosted annually by the Planned Giving Committee to recognize the generosity of the Channing members.

Membership in the Channing Society is conferred on anyone who includes the First UU Church in their estate planning documents or makes a current gift or planned bequest to the church’s Endowment Fund. Individuals who make a planned gift to First UU Church through the UUA Pooled Income Fund and UUA Charitable Gift Annuity Fund also are members of the Channing Society. As a giving guideline, the Planned Giving Committee requests that eligible gifts and planned bequests exceed $2,500 or more, per person.

To assist in long-term planning and confirm membership, the Planned Giving Committee requests that donors share the pertinent language and details of their planned gifts in a confidential manner with the Committee. These documents are placed in a locked, confidential file maintained by the Director of Membership and Development. By receiving a copy of the documentation, the church is better able to ensure that a donor’s estate planning gift is properly realized. See our Planned Giving page to complete your Bequest Form.

The Channing Society Chalice

In 2010 the original artist, Jerry Thiebolt, and his assistants moved the 38 pieces of stoneware clay, constructed in 1994, to the Meeting House. Jerry has several other pieces on our campus including the Memorial Wall, the entrance stelae, and the large chalice in the Meeting House. View a photo album of the move on our Facebook page

"The Channing Society provides an opportunity for members and friends of this church to perpetuate their commitment to the great value and importance of their UU beliefs. Channing Society funds create the Church’s endowment which will help to ensure a strong liberal religious program in the future for our community. I am pleased to be identified with the growing numbers who recognize the importance of helping to provide this financial strength for our church."
- Ray Ramseyer, First UU Church Mamber

Channing Society Members

Don Barrie

Naomi Barrie-Lake

Thérèse Bélanger

Joel Bergsma

Joan Berg-Bruestle*

Marcia Biller

Copper Black*

Betty Boone

Elbert James Boone*

Paul Bruce*

Michael Brummer*

Bob Buckey*

Marie Buckey*

Jesse Burke*

Joseph Byrnes*

Kenneth L. Campos

Kay Chandler

James Christenson

Patricia Christenson

James Crosley

Caroline Clark

Nathan Clark*

Marjorie Cole

Joe Combs

Bertha Crowell*

Joan Cudhea

Barbara Davis

Charles Davis*

Dick Davis

Lois Day

Kathy del Papa

Ron del Papa

Karl Dege*

Virginia Dege*

Diana Denoyer

Marydale Merrill Dessel, MSRD

Alice Diamond

Doug Diamond

William C. Dippert*

Mac Downing

Mary Downing*

Edward Dreher*

Thelma Dreher

Elaine Durson

Paul Ellsworth*

June Ewing

Alice Ferris*

Tomas Firle

David Fountain

Alyse Ford

David Fuhrer*

Kay Furrer

Jan Gallo

Jan Garbosky

David Garrison*

Nitarose H. Gause*

Mary Hale Geran

Jerome J. Ghigliotti

Melita B. Gillin*

Joy Gorian*

Marian Gould

Robert Graham

Betty Grant

Rev. Jim Grant

Albert F. Grimmell*

Harry Griswold

Janet Griswold*

Nannette "Nan" Guerin

Susan Riegel Harding

Susan Haskin*

Ilse Hellendahl*

Thomas Helm*

Lawrence Hess

Suzanne Hess

Georganne Hoctor

Michael Hoctor

John Holl

Peggy Holl

Steve Howard

William Hower*

David Hunt

Eric Isaacson

Marguerite Jabinson*

Robert K. Jepperson*

J'anna Johnson

Joel Johnson

Lois Johnson*

Beverly Joy*

Emily Keeler

Wayne Kenaston Jr.*

Dorothy Kernick*

Armin Kuhlman

Rhea Kuhlman

Karen Lamphere

Elizabeth Lancaster

Alice Lane*

Betty Law*

Ed Law*

Sarah Mildred Lawrie*

June Learn

Martin Learn

Katherine Leonard*

George Longstreth

Karen Longstreth

Beatrice Lynds*

Vivienne Malone*

Mary Sue Manley*

Janet Mannion*

Sue Marberry

Paul Marsh

Sheila Marsh

Maggie Marshall

Iris P. Masotti

Drew Massicot

Ann A. McDonald

Brian P. McDonald

True McGinnie*

Julie McKane

Robert McMahon*

Maureen Elizabet McNair

Dane Mechlin

Doris Meek*

Keith Mesecher

Helen Meyers*

Harry E. Miller*

Maurice Miller

Ree Miller*

Don Morgan*

Rita Morgan

Barbara Morton

Dana Myra Mosser

Sallie Munafo*

Cristina "Tena" Navarrette

Ruth B. Nelson*

Carole Newall

Gerald Newall*

Melinda Newman

Patrick Nichols

Terri Rodgers O' Dea*

Carolyn Owen-Towle

Tom Owen-Towle

Kathleen Owens

Sarah Ormond

Florence Parker*

Ruth Patnode-Sturevant*

Leonard Pellettieri

Stephen J. Perrello, Jr.*

Mikee Petersen*

Pilar Placone

Bill Plock*

Lawrence Porter*

Ann Queen*

Don Rabenau*

Erene Rallis

Ray Ramseyer*

Alice Rathbone

R. Rhett Rathbone*

Lee Reynard*

Judy Reynard

Jay Richen

Kevin Riley*

Joanne Roberts

Richard Roberts*

Barbara Roodhuyzen

John Roodhuyzen

Mary Rose

Ardath Schaibly

John Schaibly

Catherine Schmidt*

William Scudder*

Izetta Segal*

Mary Severine

Eli Shefter

Christine "Chris" Smith

Verda May Snow*

Suellen Sorenson

Barbara G. Spaulding*

David Spierman

Jackie Spierman

Jackie Statman*

Dorene Sulzer

James Ciser Talley*

Richard Tatelman*

Claudine Thatcher*

Bill Thomas

Helen (Burke) Thomas

Peg Tilford-Miller

Toni Turbyfill

Ruth van Leeuwen*

Rose Van Oss

Eugene Vehslage*

Helen Vogel

Everett Waldo*

Herbert Philip Wangenbrenner*

Susan K. Weaver

Stephanie Webber

Margaret Weed*

Robert Weed*

Eugenia Welker*

Beth Wickler*

Jay Wickler*

Alberta Widen*

Frank T. Willey

Duncan S. Williams

Norma Wilson

Fanny Wood*

Carolyn Woodbury

Peter Woodbury

Marge Wurgel

Elizabeth Zanoni

Dean Ziegler

Kathy Ziegler

Philip Zrelek*

* Deceased

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