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Thank you Nan for representing

Thank you Nan for representing the UUSB in the caravan that delivered emergency supplies to the Indigenous reservations in the Mexicali Valley last Saturday!

From Nan: "This sweet little mom and her 1 mo. old baby girl were a pleasure to meet. She was so happy to receive disposable diapers, formula, bottled water, baby clothes, the stuffed animal Enriques is holding and lots more. It was really a very moving day with 10 good sized vehicles loaded with donations-and we gave away every single bit! We stopped at 3 separate earthquake sites but the most moving by far was #3 - at the true epicenter of the quake. Seeing the amount of damage to the homes, buildings (a city hall with 1 wall standing!) and ground was shocking. Some areas had huge jagged tears deep into the ground, other areas and roads were washed out from the floods that occured after the earth opened. I don't even know the names of these communities since we didn't have a Baja map but we were quite a way southeast of Mexicali.

I rode with Scott Jones who was very relieved to finally unload all the cases of bottled water which certainly overloaded his van! He was a great traveling companion and driver. It's too bad other UU's couldn't go, too. They missed a chance of a life time! If the opportunity continues for more trips I hope they will.

One young man in our group is in the US Army. He donated $1000 of his own money to buy food, then gave another $20 to a shy mother of a toddler when she hugged and thanked him for his generous gift. He walked away wiping away tears. I know we all did many times during this long day." - Nan