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Thank You for Your Contributions to the Generosity Offering

Acting on Our Values to Help Heal the World…Thank you for your commitment and generosity!!  In 2014, 374 different Members and Friends of First Church participated in the work of the Social Justice Ministry Team. This is 75% of our average Sunday attendance (of 500)! We have partnered with community organizations to work for economic justice, reproductive justice, immigrant and racial justice, LGBTQ equality, and have recently launched a climate justice ministry.

Another important way we live our values as a congregation is through our monthly Generosity Offerings. In 2014, our congregation gave away $51,303.08 to local organizations working to create justice and compassion.

  • In November 2014, our offering for Amikas totaled $5,745.94.
  • For December, our offering raised in support of the Environmental Health Coalition totaled $3,665.87.
  • In January, we supported a variety of UU related organizations, including the UU Church of the Philippines, $1,145.32; PSWD Refugee Fund, $1,303.94; UU Justice Ministry of CA, $1,091.74; and the GA Scholarship Fund for Youth and Young Adults, $2,255.83.

To find out how you can get more involved in the Social Justice Ministry of our Church, contact Brenda Garcia, Social Justice and South Bay Ministry Teams Coordinator at 619-398-4445.

Thank you for working for a more just and sustainable San Diego!