We are a welcoming congregation.
View our Covenant of Good Relations.

Ministers and Staff

Rev. Kathleen Owens
Lead Minister (619) 298-9978 kathleen@firstuusandiego.org

Rev. Tania Márquez
Assistant Minister (619) 398-4435 tania@firstuusandiego.org

Rev. Jim Grant
Affiliate Minister (619) 298-9978

Rev. Löne Broussard
Affiliate Minister (619) 298-9978

Rev. Katy Swanson
Affiliate Community Minister (619) 298-9978

Rev. Julie Forest
Affiliate Community Minister (619) 298-9978

Rev. Bonnie Tarwater
Affiliate Community Minister (858) 248-5123 revtarwater@yahoo.com

Emeriti - please see our Emiriti page.


Robie Evans
Director of Operations (619) 398-4433 robie@firstuusandiego.org

Connie Hayes
Controller (619) 298-9978

Pam Bates
Database Analyst (619) 398-4442 pam@firstuusandiego.org

Rose Riedel
Office Administrator (619) 398-4439 rose@firstuusandiego.org

Kathleen Swift
Director of Family and Lifespan Ministry
(619) 398-4438 kswift@firstuusandiego.org

Lara Korneychuk
Hillcrest Interim Music Coordinator, Chalice Choir Director,  Voices in Unity Choir Director

Tony Bianca
Program Assistant, Children's Choir and Handbell Programs Director
(619) 398-4444 tony@firstuusandiego.org

Käthe Larick
Youth Programs Coordinator (619) 398-4440 kathe@firstuusandiego.org

Angela Fujii
Social Justice Ministry Team Coordinator (619) 398-4445 angela@firstuusandiego.org

Jenner Daelyn
Connections Coordinator and Scheduler (619) 398-4443 jenner@firstuusandiego.org

Chase Pado
Pianist and Organist chase@firstuusandiego.org

Andrea Newall-Lockett
JUUL Tones Ensemble Director (619) 298-9978

Lorelei Isidro-Garner
South Bay Music Coordinator and Women's Chorus Director loreleigi@hotmail.com

Ray Evans
Facilities and Maintenance (619) 871-7677

Marcus Todd
Kitchen Manager (619) 298-9978

Karla Alvarez-Malo
South Bay Admin. Assistant (619) 398-4446 karla@firstuusandiego.org

Whom to contact

Members, friends, staff and ministers of First Church have covenanted to treat ourselves and one another with respect. Communicating openly without anonymous criticism and practicing established processes of resolving differences are part of our Covenant of Good Relations. Our church community will remain healthy when we are grounded in direct, honest and caring communication in an atmosphere of openness, trust and respect. The first step in bringing forward suggestions or concerns is direct, one-on-one communication. If this does not suffice, here is a list of whom to contact with suggestions or concerns.

Suggestion About/Concern with: A Church Member or Friend
Initial Contact: The Good Relations Committee (Contact church office for current members 619-298-9978)

A Church Program, Church Committee, or Affiliated Group Person or Their Policies.
Initial Contact: The appropriate Paid Staff Support Person or Ministry Team Contact Person(s)

Administrative/Facilities Staff or Policies (Facilities, Parking Lot, Maintenance, etc.)
Initial Contact: The Director of Operations

The Board or Board Policies
Initial Contact: The Board or any Board member

Lead Minister
Initial Contact: The Board or any Board member

Assistant Minister, Intern Minister, Director of Operations, Development Director, South Bay Ministry Team Coordinator
Initial Contact: The Lead Minister

Membership Director, Social Justice Ministry Team Coordinator
Initial Contact: The Assistant Minister

Music Program Staff (Choir Directors)
Initial Contact: Lead Minister

Religious Education Staff (Dir. of Children and Family Ministry, Youth
Program Coordinator, Young Adult and Campus Ministry Coordinator, Adult RE.

Initial Contact: The Assistant Minister

Download our Whom to Contact handout.