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Staff names, titles and phone numbers. Please note that staff members can be emailed by clicking the Email Link next to each entry. See the pages linked on the right for photos and bios.  

Ministers and Staff

Rev. Kathleen Owens, Lead Minister (619) 298-9978 Email kathleen@firstuusandiego.org
Rev. Ian W. Riddell, Minister of Music and Worship Arts (619) 298-9978 Email ian@firstuusandiego.org
Tania Marquez, Intern Minister (619) 398-4435 Email tania@firstuusandiego.org
Rev. Jim Grant, Associate Minister (619) 298-9978
Kathe Larick, Youth Programs Coordinator (619) 398-4440 Email kathe@firstuusandiego.org
Angela Fujii, Social Justice and South Bay Ministry Teams Coordinator (619) 398-4445 Email angela@firstuusandiego.org
Jenner Daelyn, Connections Coordinator (619) 398-4443 Email jenner@firstuusandiego.org
Dr. Melissa James, Director of Family and Lifespan Ministry (619) 398-4438 Email melissa@firstuusandiego.org
Emeriti- see Emiriti page.

Music Staff

Rev. Ian W. Riddell, Minister of Music and Worship Arts (619) 298-9978 Email ian@firstuusandiego.org
Justin Murphy-Mancini, Organist and Pianist Email justin@firstuusandiego.org
Lynn Mendoza-Khan, Children's, Youth, and Women's Choir Director Email lynnmendozakhan2gmail.com
Andrea Newall, JUUL Tones Ensemble Director.
Lorelei Isidro, South Bay Music Coordinator Email loreleigi@hotmail.com
Music office (619) 398-4432

Administration and Facilities Staff

Robie Evans, Director of Operations (619) 398-4433 Email robie@firstuusandiego.org
Connie Hayes, Controller
Pam Bates, Development Manager (619) 398-4442 Email pam@firstuusandiego.org
Lori LeSage, Administrative Assistant (619) 298-9978 x209 Email lori@firstuusandiego.org
Tony Bianca, Program Assistant (619) 298-9978 x214 Email tony@firstuusandiego.or
Ray Evans
, Facilities (619) 298-9978
Marcus Todd, Kitchen Manager (619) 298-9978
General Voicemail Box and Volunteer Desk
(619) 298-9978 x201
Practical Care Network
(619) 398-4441


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Web Site

Web Master Email website@firstuusandiego.org