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Spiritual Pathways

We risk joy

Every church activity, no matter how small, sustains and nurtures this community. This place is filled with people willing to be in relationship with one another. Willing to live and love and grow together. Willing to find out what it means to be fully human. In lay ministry, we share what we have with others. We pay attention. We participate. We risk joy. We all have a unique gift of experience, ability, or vision and our church is rich with opportunities to be of service, to develop our spiritual path. In fact, the bond of union between members and church states that First UU Church covenants to help members "develop a sustaining confidence in the meaning and purpose of life".

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  2. How can First UU Church help you develop a sustaining confidence in the meaning and purpose of your life?

These are not easy questions. They require thought, reflection, honesty and imagination. They require you. There are many ways you can start, continue, develop and refine your spiritual path here at First UU Church of San Diego.

Our Sunday Worship services are moving, respectful, celebratory, interesting, challenging, and fun. They reflect our belief that religion should not only comfort the afflicted, but also afflict the comfortable. The format and theme vary widely. Some services feature hymns, readings, and a sermon. The format is similar to traditional Protestant services, but the content reflects our Unitarian Universalist religious values. Many Sundays we have special Worship services on such topics as Religious Education, the diverse types of families in our congregation, the United Nations, or Women's Sunday.

Our services run about an hour. We offer an open meditation group at 9 a.m. There is a coffee and social after each service, on our lower patio. If you have questions about attending or getting involved in our Sunday Worship, please contact Jenner Daelyn, Connections Coordinator, at 619-398-4443.

"Consider the minister. Through example and message, ministers inspire, strengthen, comfort, and celebrate to help us grow deeper spiritually, taller personally, and wider communally - Lay ministry means we care for and celebrate one another, we teach and encourage each other, we inspire and motivate. When we share what we have with others, ministry is multiplied."
- from the essay "Ministry Multiplied"
by Ardath Schaibly

published in All Are Chosen,
Stories of Lay Ministry and Leadership
Skinner House Books, 1998