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Skillz SUUNdays coming to First UU in June!

Skillz SUUndays has a space for you!

During the month of June we will be transforming our children’s religious education program into a time of learning and sharing skills. In these Skills SUUndays members and friends of the congregation will have the opportunity to share a skill with our children. Before you start thinking, “this isn’t for me, what would I have to share?” Consider this, can you:

Fold a shirt

Tie knots

Sew on a button

Make a P,B,& J

Use a hammer, screw driver, or drill

Do calligraphy or write in cursive

Greet people in multiple languages

Build a bird house

Pot a plant

Use a microscope

Play chess (or some other game)

Create a circuit

Build a lego chalice

Make a pillow

Do a magic trick

Fold origami

Or perhaps you have another skill that kids would love to learn! The best skillz is the one about which you are passionate and that can be translated into a concrete task that can be practiced. We are not so much looking for “show and tell” as we are “guide and do.” Not sure if your skill translates to a hands-on project for kids? Let’s talk, we can likely find a way! The commitment is 1 or more Sundays during the 9:30am Children’s Religious Education class (9:15 to 10:45). Skillz leaders will be accompanied by a classroom guide who will be responsible for running the class so all you need to do is guide us in your skill!

How is learning to hammer in a nail an act of religious education? The skillz our children will walk away with is secondary to what we are actually doing. Dorothy Tilden Spoerl, defined faith formation as “the way the child or adult is helped to grow in self-understanding, in the understanding of others, and in full relationship with his/her universe.” We are offering the chance to grow in our understanding of self and others. Being beloved community and being a multigenerational community doesn’t simply happen. We practice it. We stretch ourselves on the edges of our relational comfort zones by entering into community with people who are different from ourselves. This approach gives our children the chance to stretch and grow by learning how to be in respectful and mutual relationships with adults.

What we are doing is not simply teaching skillz but creating a learning environment where children are taken seriously as explorers and learners capable of doing “real” things. In the process of learning to sew on a button they are actually learning that when faced with a challenging situation they have the capacity to puzzle out a solution, to try and try until they “get it” and that this is a place where we see them as agents of discovery.

The not-so-secret-secret is this isn’t just for the kids! This approach also gives youth and adults the chance to grow by learning how to be in respectful and mutual relationships with children. By identifying our deep areas of joy and what makes us “us” and needing to find a way to share that with others we better understand who we are.

In uncertain times we need community more than ever. Small acts of building relationships are the foundation for transforming our congregation, our community and our world. Multigenerational community is countercultural. The more we truly see each other and can be with each other the more likely we are to remember to invite each other into the work of healing our world. With the Skillz SUUndays the invitation is extended to you to be a part of this countercultural transformation. . .will you accept?

Contact Dr. Melissa to sign up or get more information!

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