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Sermons 2012

  • "The Necessity of Religion"

    For copyright reasons, we will not be able to post the sermon audio or video, or accomodate BookRoom CD purchases. If you missed this sermon, you are encouraged to attend the South Bay Campus Worship Service on Sunday, March 11, or visit the UUA Bookstore to find more of Rev. Guengerich's published materials.

  • "Keys to Spiritual Fulfillment: Friendship"

    Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube, Lead Minister
    Arvid talks today about the need for us as humans to belong to caring groups. He offers the opportunity for the congregation to take a moment to assess their friendships to see if they have people in their lives that they can connect with on a variety of levels. Arvid also references a study conducted recently to give the congregation evidence that people today are less connected with friendships than ever before. Arvid says that friendship one of the most important a keys to spiritual fulfillment.

  • "Love in the Tangled Undergrowth of Our Lives"

    Rev. Jim Grant, Affiliate Minister
    Today's Service pulpit guest, Rev. Jim Grant talks about current social and political events drawing a parallel with our Standing on the Side of Love campaign.

  • "Sex, Love, and Marriage"

    Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube, Lead Minister
    Today Arvid continues his sermon series on the Keys to Spiritual Fulfillment, with Sex, Love, and Marriage.

  • "Concern for Everyone" Step 9 in the Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life

    Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube, Lead Minister
    Arvid continues his sermon series using Karen Armstrong's "Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life" and speaks to Step Nine, Concern for Everyone.

  • Coming of Age Service

    Today's Services were our Annual Coming of Ages Service, where our children transition from the Children's program to our Youth program, on their journey to Young Adulthood. There is no recording available for this service.

  • "On Being the Change"

    Rev. Kathleen Owens, Associate Minister
    Today's Service Kathleen talks about the amazing work we have done as a congregation in the area of Social Justice. She references earlier inclusion from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Lao-Tse that touch on Justice work, the need and inspirations behind them.

  • "Every Journey Begins with a Single Step" Journey Toward Wholeness Sunday

    Rev. Kathleen Owens, Associate Minister
    On this Journey Toward Wholeness Sunday, Kathleen offers a three-part sermon inter-weaved within stories, music, and a "Pair Sharing" exercise. Kathleen discusses immigration and three different stages, "Every Journey Begins with a Single Step," "Comings and Goings," and "A Reason for Hope."

  • "Money and the Meaning of Life"

    Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube, Lead Minister
    Today's Service Arvid talks about how society today has forced some to feel that the meaning of life is based on money and possessions.

  • "Setting Sacred Intentions"

    Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube, Lead Minister
    Today's Service was a time for reflection and for setting sacred intentions for the year to come.

    To view the Intentions shared during Services at both our Hillcrest and South Bay Campuses, click here.

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