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Sermons 2011

  • "Joyful, All Ye Nations Rise"

    Annual Music Service
    Today's Service was our Annual Service of Music where our Adult (Chalice) Choir, our Youth Choir (Voices In Unity) and our two Handbell Ensembles (Las Campanas and UUBellation) came together to offer a morning full of music encompassing the theme of the closing song, "Joyful, All Ye Nations Rise." Due to copyright laws we are not able to post the audio for this Service, nor are we able to sell it in our Book Room.

  • "How Do We Speak to One Another"

    Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube, Lead Minister
    Arvid talks about the next step in the Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, today, and discusses how and what we say can impact others around us.

  • "Proudly Singing 'Kum ba Yah'"

    Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube, Lead Minister
    Arvid talks about politics today and alliterates the civil rights spiritual "Kum ba Yah" to express his point. Initially Arvid talks about the history of this hymn. Then as he continues his passionate sermon, he points out how politicians have motivations to leave privilege the way it is because those with privilege are not going to give it up easily. Arvid shows how protest songs of the past, can be revitalized to bring hope to the current political climate.

  • "Unitarian Universalism in the Philippines"

    Rev. Nihal Attanayake, Pulpit Guest
    Rev Nihal Attanayake discusses the history of the UU Church of the Philippines and their work among the poor, "if not the church, then who?"

  • "How Little We Know"

    In this 7th in a series on Compassion, we are reminded of intellectuality humility, that faith and doubt are not opposites.

  • "Living By Faith"

    Rev. Kathleen Owens
    Kathleen offers a sermon this morning, where she speaks to the Transformational Theme for November, Faith. She talks about finding ones faith and how Unitarian Universalists find faith in a number of places.

  • Miracle Sunday "A Retrospective" and "A Vision"

    Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube and Rev. Kathleen Owens
    This Sunday is Miracle Sunday where we were hoping to raise $700,000 in one Generosity Offering to make up the difference for our Campus Renovation Project. For this effort, Arvid offers “A Retrospective;” talking about the accomplishments this Church community has made in its 125-year history. Kathleen then follows with “A Vision” for the future of this Church community.

  • "Masks"

    First Church Young Adults - this Sunday our Young Adults ages 18 through 35 offered worship around the theme of Masks. They used masks in both literal and figurative ways to illustrate their views about how and why people wear masks.

  • "Theology Ablaze!"

    Rev. Dr. Tom Owen-Towle, Minister Emeritus, discusses his book, "Theology Ablaze!" and how his book encompasses his views about how Unitarian Universalists can embrace all theology. He continues that any theology that teaches fear and hurt, is "bad theology." Theology, Tom says, is based in love and understanding.

  • "Step Six: Actions" from the Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life

    Rev. Dr. Arvid Straube, Lead Minister, continues his sermon series encompassing Karen Armstrong's Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, with step number six, Actions. Arvid uses this discussion of actions to remind the congregation that all of a persons actions--good or bad-- can affect people in either positive or negative ways. Arvid also reminds us that we might not now nor ever be aware of the degree of which our actions affect those around us.

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