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11,000,000 people, including members of our own community (approximately 170,000 in San Diego, Pew Research 2014), live in the shadows because there is no path for them to gain citizenship. 2/3 of these people have been here for over a decade. These are our neighbors, our coworkers, and members of our congregations.

What is First UU doing about sanctuary?

At the March 21, 2017 Board of Trustees meeting, the members took a straw vote which resulted in unanimously agreeing to move forward with the Sanctuary discussion. This meant that the beginning of a sub-committee was formed with current Board members, and with the intention of increasing that committee to include members of the congregation. The charge given this sub-committee was to lead the congregation in a discernment process. This sub-committee includes the following members: Rhiannon Smith, Chuck Northrup, Megan Horton, Angela Garcia-Sims, Sophia Lopez-Zimmer, Mar Cardenas, and Michanne Hoctor-Thompson.

We have begun the work of discernment on sanctuary! The following are events in progress and up-coming: 

  • This Sunday, 3/18/18, at 1pm in Bard Hall, join the Sanctuary Sub-Committee and your Board of Trustees for a panel on Sanctuary. Guests include: UCC Pilgrim's Anna Runnion, Social Justice Minister, a local church who declared themselves a sanctuary, and Katia Hanson, J.D. - President & CEO of UURISE.
  • Neighborhood groups have begun holding informal discussions with Board members and Sanctuary Sub-Committee members;
  • People are answering questions at a table on the Hillcrest patio and after services at SouthBay; 
  • The proposed statement on Sanctuary is now in draft form! You can access it here.
  • Sunday, 3/25/18, at 1pm in the Meeting House, join the Board of Trustees for a Congregational vote on Sanctuary!
  • This webpage will house resources, information and additional links for further consideration.

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Previous Events & News

February -  Wisdom Circle materials and prompts for discussion and reflection.

Informational gathering with folks who have experience with sanctuary churches on Sunday, 2/4/18 at 1:00pm, in Bard Hall at the Hillcrest campus; 

The Board of Trustees held a forum on Sunday, 2/18/18, after the service at SouthBay; and another on 2/25/18, after second service on the Hillcrest campus;

Many neighborhood groups welcomed Trustees from our Board and members of the Sanctuary Sub-committee to discuss sanctuary and the possibilities.