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Rummage Sale

Next Rummage Sale is a Specialty Sale - February 4

As with every other fundraising approach, we try to learn from the past and reinvent the future. After the last rummage sale, many volunteers said they could not do the backbreaking work needed to support another full-campus rummage sale. And thus, other sources of money to support our beloved community’s values, mission, and programs were sought. Fortunately, our budding Bed & Breakfast program is doing a lot to help fill that gap. After examining the most profitable of the 18 different departments, your Generosity Ministry Team (GMT) decided to hold some ‘mini-specialty sales’ of just one or two areas and then rotate through the other profitable departments later, rather than one giant sale that included everything, including the kitchen sink!

Undoubtedly, this is going to be a learning process, and even an experiment in how much can be realized from these efforts. We thought we’d begin with two departments: Children’s Items, (including clothes, toys, and equipment) and Women’s Accessories.

Choosing children’s items was easy. We’ve always done well in this department, aided in part by having the preschool children right on campus as both a source of donations and consumers. This is an excellent time to weed out post-Christmas items no longer used or needed, in GOOD CONDITION, to donate for this sale.

Women’s Accessories will be a bit more challenging. Please go through your closets and select only those accessories that are truly very gently used and are of high quality. We are defining accessories as: scarves, hats, vests, jewelry, purses, dress tees, sweaters, and light jackets. We’ll also accept shoes, but only if the soles look pretty shiny—think of donating good-quality shoes that were either mistakes you never took back to the store, or that you bought for a specific one-time event and haven’t worn since. We’ll also include ‘cruise wear’ since the sale will be held on February 4, just in time for folks who cruise and need something for the Captain’s table.

Even though we are many months away from the actual sale, please start saving your quality items now. Collection of these items will occur closer to the February 4th sale date. Your careful choosing will be a big help for our two Department Chairs, Peggy Holl (Children’s) and Alice Diamond (Women’s). We anticipate Collectibles and Art for a future specialty sales.

Next Rummage Sale Dates

February 4, 2017 - Specialty Sale - Children's and Women's Accesories


  1. Raises over $20,000 for our general fund.
  2. Provides a great way for people to recycle their gently used items.
  3. Gives the larger community an opportunity to experience the warmth and friendliness of our church and possibly want to try us out.
  4. Bring us all together as a family to create an outstanding production of which we can be proud. Past volunteers have said that working the rummage sale is one of the best community building activities they have ever experienced!

Questions? Need help?

Please contact First Church Development Manager Pam Bates at (619) 398-4442 or online.