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  • Returning From A Silent Retreat

    For well over 20 years now, my main spiritual practice has been attending silent meditation retreats of 7-10 days.  These retreats are led by teachers of the Mindfulness Buddhist tradition.  I just returned Sunday, May 27, from a retreat with Shinzen Young, whom I have studied with for many years; www.shinzen.org.  Read more.

  • A Familiar Prayer For A Hard Day

    As I took all my feelings, hopes and prayers into my prayer time today, this favorite prayer of mine, attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, has again expressed my hopes and intentions better than any words of my own. Read more.

  • Promised Meditation Resources

    Here is the information I promised in my sermon this morning.  These are the books that I have found the most useful manuals for Buddhist meditation. Read on.