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We Are Generous People

Our church is self-sustaining and all members contribute time, talent and treasure by attending services, volunteering, becoming engaged in the many ongoing activities this campus offers, and giving regular financial contributions.

Our budget is approximately $1.5 million per year. We strive to be a congregation of generous givers, and recognize the joy and satisfaction that comes with being able to share our resources, financial and otherwise, to build our blessed community. Our financial contributions are an investment we make in living our values and creating a home where those values are nurtured and thrive. Major areas of investment are children's religious education, young adult and youth programs, social justice and our worship and music programs.

While the amount of your pledge is a personal decision, it is hoped that members will either pledge 5% of their income or give serious consideration to a plan to reach the 5% level within three years. If your financial situation makes any contribution impossible, you may make a confidential request for an annual waiver from one of the ministers.

Any pledge amount that is meaningful for you is appropriate. We view proportional giving as the greatest gift of all. Some of our most generous givers are wealthy, many more are not.To steward this sound base of programs, personnel, and facility, we must plan thoughtfully, budget carefully, and act wisely. For a responsible budget, we must forecast realistically the ongoing support of the Congregation. Please consider your fair share and commit (pledge) according your ability.

For help with any of our Giving options, please contact Pam Bates, Development Manager, by phone at (619) 398-4442 or by Email.


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Your Pledge:

  • Puts ministers in the pulpit
  • Pays for Children’s Religious Education programs
  • Pays for Youth programs
  • Pays for Adult Religious Education programs
  • Pays for quality staff
  • Pays for the running and support of our ministry teams
  • Pays for the running and support of over 60 groups
  • Maintains our buildings and campus
  • Provides Lay Ministry and Practical Care Support
  • Provides quality Worship
  • Provides for our Music program
  • Pays for a vital Young Adult and Campus Ministry program
  • Pays for childcare during worship
  • Support vital community programs
  • More!

Ed Law explains why he gives. 

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Questions? Need help?

Please contact Development Manager Pam Bates at (619) 398-4442 or pam@firstuusandiego.org.