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Planned Giving

Many ways to give

First Church has the goal of transforming individual lives and benefitting our whole community. Your planned gift to one of the endowments can continue your support of this goal long beyond your lifetime. Income from our endowments will be used to expand programs, maintain our physical infrastructure, and buffer our budget from sudden shifts in the economy.

The Planned Giving Committee

The Planned Giving Committee (PGC) is responsible for all matters pertaining to the growth and administration of the endowment funds. With the exception of a small portion of the Social Justice Endowment Fund, the funds are currently fully invested in the UUA General Investment Fund. The PGC is a special committee of the Generosity Ministry Team and it's main function is to encourage planned gifts to the Church’s endowments and to recognize those who have included the Church in their will, trust, or via a living gift.

Planned Giving Committee members 2015-16

Stephanie Webber, co-chair
Susan Riegel Harding, co-chair
Julie McKane, member
Betty Boone, emeritus
Doug Diamond, emeritus
Robie Evans, Director of Operations
Pam Bates, Development Manager


Questions? Need help?

Please contact First Church Development Manager Pam Bates at (619) 398-4442 or online.