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Partner Churches

Unitarians and Universalists in Transylvania and the Philippines

Partnerships with churches who share our religious values around the world forge connections and build lasting relationships that strengthen each others’ faith and open us all to new vistas of understanding.

We currently have partnerships with Unitarians and Universalists in Transylvania and the Philippines. Our shared values of liberty of conscience and individual thought in matters of faith, the inherent worth and dignity of every person; justice and compassion in human relations; and responsible stewardship of the earth’s living system are values that are needed all around the world - not just here in the United States. Together we are stronger, our numbers enlarge and we grow our faith.

Partnerships provide individuals, small groups and full congregations a way to connect with the larger fellowship of our faith. Our models are not based on charity - we value building relationships between UUs that benefit all in both small and large ways - improving cultural understanding, supporting communities and helping to develop individual, religious, educational and economic opportunities.