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Meet Our Volunteers!

Volunteers are vital to the work of First UU, and many members find volunteering to be a meaningful way to be involved in church life.  Each month, church member Elaine Twamley interviews a volunteer about their work for our publication, First Words. Their stories offer a glimpse into the many ways you can get involved as a volunteer here at first church. 

Susan Riegal Harding

Susan was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1941 and was one of three siblings. Susan and her sister were sent to an orphanage when they were small children. They were adopted when Susan was four and she grew up with her adoptive parents in Marblehead, Massachusetts. 

After attending a boarding high school,Susan went to Sweet Briar College in Virginia. At that time, the school was chartered as a school for "young white ladies." In her Sweet Briar years, Susan participated in a drug store sit-in—a sign of things to come....Read more in the April 2017 Issue of First Words.

Caroline Clark

Active church member for 46 years, tireless volunteer, and an unofficial church historian, Caroline Clark rededicates herself to First Church with each passing year. "Our church is my safe haven, my prodder, my challenge, my sacred space where I can be myself. Here are the people who sustain me in the good times and hard times too."

Caroline is a World War II childhood survivor. Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1938, her early childhood was often frightening. Although her home was bombed only once, there was constant threat. Her father was an Air Raid Patrol volunteer who activated the sirens when German planes were spotted. Her father was also the person who comforted her when the darkness from blackout curtains went on too long. The happiest day of her young life came when she heard all of Glasgow's ships sounding their hooters, signaling the end of World War II in 1945... Read more in the March 2017 Issue of First Words

Sue Marberry

A lifetime love of math, music, and service to others are apparent in the life of our very active church member Sue Marberry. Born in New York City just a few years after the end of World War II, Sue is the child of Austrian immigrants who came to the United States to escape the Holocaust. Her parents converted from Judaism to Catholicism in an effort to evade the Nazis, but came to realize that was not effective camouflage. They therefore came to the United States and rediscovered their Jewish roots later in life... Read more in the February 2017 Issue of First Words

James Crosley

"Life is a smorgasbord of choices," says church member James Crosley. "We can choose our path to goodness, who we are, and who we can become. And our faith can help guide us to that path." 

A church member for nine years, James began his volunteer service by working on the rummage sale. He gradually added more duties and is now a lay minister. James regards his own life as a work in progress and is able to listen to others empathetically. He is also a CoChair of the Membership Committee— committed to membership growth so that others may benefit from First Church as he does... Read more in the January 2017 Issue of First Words