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Neighborhood Groups

Cultivating Local Community

These are gatherings of people who live in common areas who meet in social gathering for support and fellowship.

Pacific Beach
Alec Harootunian and Julie McKane
mailto:HarootunianA@yahoo.com or jmckane38@gmail.com
Generally meets every 4th Sunday, late afternoon,at various homes of members.We have finger food potluck, usually a short check in, then a discussion on various wide ranging topics. All are welcome to attend.

North Country Inland
(Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, PQ, 4S, RB, Poway, Ramona, Escondido)
(plus a related, but separate, Book Club)
Bob & Betsy Stevens
Generally meets quaterly on 3rd Sundays, 4-6p, in members' homes or in parks for a potluck, is intergenerational and children are welcome.

Marti & John Batchelder mailto:jbatch2010@live.com
Generally meets quarterly in the Villa Porto Fino Club House at 10690 Escobar Dr.

University City
John & Ardath Schaibly mailto:jhs@san.rr.com 858.453.5990

Point Loma / Ocean Beach
Generally meets 2nd Sunday of each month, 6-9pm.
A social group of mostly elders; generally a pot luck but the host decides on what to ask others to bring food-wise and also prepares a theme or topic for that month's meeting.
Dave Hunt mailto:uusancal@san.rr.com

Clairemont / Bay Park
Generally meets 2nd Sundays of each month, late-afternoon; times and locations vary.
Newt Ferris mailto: newtfs@juno.com

U.U. South Bay Neighborhood Group.
The UUSBNG meets on an ongoing basis, every first Sunday of even months., i.e. February (02), April (04),June (06), etc. Times, locations and activities vary. The hosts determine activities and start times.
 Potlucks, socializing at individuals’ homes or Rec Centers. All members & friends living in the South Bay are invited. Contact Theresa Martin-Werk & Steve Werk, terrychiro@cox.net to be included on the email invitation list (or to receive a mailed invitation if you don’t have email). Please RSVP.

The Far-East County UU Neighborhood Group
(La Mesa and beyond)
Contact: Drew Massicot DrewMassicot@yahoo.com 619.460.2901
Generally meets every other month at various members' homes on a Sunday evening; dates & time determined by the hosts for each potluck, but usually around 6p.

The Combined Near- and Middle-East County UU Neighborhood Group
(the Kensington, College, Del Cerro, San Carlos areas)
Contact: Suzanne Hess (msh6309@gmail.com)
Contact: Ann McDonald (amcd92119@gmail.com)
Generally meets every other month at various members' homes on a Sunday evening; dates & time determined by the hosts for each potluck, but usually around 5 or 6p.

WHANG (Wider Hillcrest Area Neighborhood Groups) (92103)
Because of the size of the group, there are three attendee-rotating groups (Grp A, B, and C) that meet simultaneously, generally the 1st Sunday of each month, 5:30-7:00p. Locations vary.The total Wider Hillcrest Area Neighborhood Group meets the first Sunday of each quarter (January, April, July, and October) at the Church.Variety is the spice of life for WHANG groups.We all bring finger foods to share.Some groups discuss a topic such as recent movies or the Sunday Sermon; some have a social time, sharing food and being together; and some have a program, one group had a folk singing duet.
Contact Jim Grant mailto:sdrevgrantuu@gmail.com for details.