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  • Arvid's Sabbatical Part 2

    Yesterday, I began the second half of my 5 month sabbatical, which will be from January 15 to April 1.  As most of you know the first 2 1/2 months of my sabbatical were spent in Mexico, traveling and studying Spanish.   Having decided to split the sabbatical, I returned to my regular duties on December 1, checking in with the life of the congregation before beginning part 2 of the sabbatical. What do I plan to do in Part 2?  Mostly writing.  I am turning a sermon series ...

  • UUs In Mexico II

    This morning Sonya and I visited the UU Fellowship of San Miguel for their worship service. It meets in the ballroom of a nice hotel and has a fabulous view of the famous pink stone church. The congregation consisted of about a hundred people, all of whom were American or Canadian expatriots. (Not ex-patriots as I have been spelling it. That means former patriots. Expatriots are people who live outside their home country but are still patriots.). Read more.

  • Unitarians In Mexico City

    Sonya and I have been in San Miguel for 2 days and there is a lot to write about here. This hotel's wireless has been down until now so I'm playing catchup. I want to tell you about an important experience--worshiping with the Free Church Unitarian in Mexico City on Saturday evening. Read more.

  • Mexico City

    Sonya and I have been in Mexico City now for almost a week. We've been seeing the sights, at perhaps too hectic a pace. The cathedral, the Diego Rivera murals at the National Palace, the floating gardens at Xochimilco, the Atec ruins at Templo Mayor and the huge ruins of a mysterious lost people at Teotihuacan, the Basilica of Our Lady Of Guadelupe, and the Museum Of Anthropology with its wonderful artifacts of pre-hispanic Mexico. We're taking a few more days because there is much more to see, but we are slowing our pace. On Saturday, we will attend worship with the Mexico City Unitarians. We had a wonderful dinner with their energetic leader, Francisco Lagunes Gaitan last night. I'll be writing about the UUs here in a later post. Read more.

  • Farewell To Oaxaca

    Yesterday Sonya and I left Oaxaca and arrived in Mexico City by bus. The six weeks I spent there studying Spanish, making friends from Mexico, Australia, Brazil, the UK, Switzerland and Canada and having the new and interesting experiences that only an extended stay in another country can provide has created memories that will always be with me. Read more.

  • Day Of The Dead 2

    Last night Sonya and I went with a tour from my school to the cemetery of Xoxocotlan, outside Oaxaca, the all night vigil for the dead is celebrated on the night of October 31. Technical problems with transferring my pictures keep me from sharing my photos, but I hope to solve that problem soon. Read more.

  • Days Of The Dead Part 1

    My Mexican friends are all excited because the most important festival of the year in Oaxaca is coming up. And they are excited for me that Sonya and I will both be able to experience the Days Of The Dead in Oaxaca on October 31 and November 1 and 2. This is a festival celebrated all over Mexico butnowhere is it celebrated better or more intensely than Oaxaca. Read more.