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My Chick-fil-a response

Regarding Mr. Hall’s article “Chick-fil-A stance feeds crowd’s zeal”

Just as Mr. Hall prefers his lunch “Hold the politics.” So I too, a tax-paying, law-abiding citizen would like the right to marry the person I love – hold the politics.
Kathleen Owens

This was a letter to the editor I submitted to the UT on Thursday evening, after reading Matthew Hall’s article on Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012. I was dismayed at the editorial decision to publish a full-color picture on the front page of section A, above the fold about a story that starts on page 1 of section B. I can’t believe there isn’t more important news for the front page of our only paper. Looking at the picture and the people standing in line to show their appreciation for this restaurant chain whose profits benefit discrimination and hate, I wondered how many of those who were in line are heterosexual and enjoy the right to marry anyone they love – without question or scrutiny; how many of them have experienced divorce, spousal abuse or violence?

Mr. Hall would like his lunch without politics. Well, I would like my love and the ability to express that love with my partner to legally marry and enjoy all the responsibility and all the rights that come with legally sanctioned marriage – without politics. Why do people, whose own marriage would not be affected in any way, get to deny me a basic right? A right that is touted and flaunted in my face every time I turn on the television or look through a magazine at the checkout stand in the supermarket… “reality shows” like The Bachelorette, The Bacherlor as well as some celebrities have made a game show of one of the most sacred and longed-for rights by same-sexed couples who have been together for decades. That Brittany Spears or ______________ (fill in the blank) can marry someone and then 72 hours, file for divorce – this is more than frustrating and even maddening to me and others who long to have the legal protection of the law for their relationships. This is a discrimination that must come to an end. Prop 8 has been found by many courts to be unconstitutional – change is coming; not only do I say Amen to that – but look forward to saying “I do” again, this time, accompanied by a signed license.

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1. Jan Garbosky wrote:
Love you, Kathleen. Thank you SO much for this blog. Hoping to see it in the UT

Fri, August 3, 2012 @ 12:52 PM

2. Paul R Marsh wrote:
I truly hope that we can see the day when this issue is solved in favor of equality. This has been a problem for too long.

Sat, August 4, 2012 @ 4:09 PM

3. UU wrote:
The fact is , that to be truly open-minded - you have to also repect a persons belief that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman especially when it is part of their theology. If you are able to do this , then you invite them to respect the beliefs you have as parts of your theology.

Mon, August 6, 2012 @ 10:08 AM

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