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Music Ministry

We know music to be a transmitter of culture and tradition, a way of knowing, a way of expressing, and a way of connecting with others and with the deeper reality of our lives. Its presence in our lives teaches us, inspires us, challenges us, and transforms our reality. The music ministry at FUUSD strives to explore, collaborate, worship, and be transformed through and by the music we make individually, in groups large and small, and with the whole community. We strive to create opportunities for all to explore and participate to the breadth of their abilities and comfort. We invite members and friends of First Church, as well as musicians from the wider community, to use their talents continually to expand the scope and depth of our music-making, community, and worship.

Music Groups

We currently offer children's choir called Emerging Voices and a youth choir named Voices in Unity. For adults we have the Chalice Choir, a Women's Choir, the JUUL Tones a capella ensemble, two Handbell Choirs and the South Bay Singers.

Join Us!

Our ensembles offer many ways for you to develop your skills, learn to work “in harmony” with others, and create a little more beauty in the world. We have programs for just about every age and level.

Who to contact

Lara Korneychuk
Hillcrest Interim Music Coordinator, Chalice Choir Director and Voices in Unity Youth Choir Director.

Lorelei Isidro
South Bay Music Coordinator and Women's Chorus Director.

Chase Pado
Pianist / Organist

Andrea Newall
JUUL Tones Ensemble Director.

Tony Bianca
Director of Handbell Programs and Emerging Voices Children's Choir Director.

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