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Engaged in the work of the church

First UU Church is organized into “Ministry Teams,” or, clusters of groups engaged in the work of the church. Today we have eight such teams; Caring, Generosity, Larger UU Connections, Lifespan Religious Growth & Leading, Connections, Social Justice, South Bay and Worship & Program. Each ministry team made up of the individual groups of the church, such as the Practical Care Network, Friends of de Benneville Pines, Men’s Fellowship, UUWomen, Earth Centered Spirituality Circle, and Young Adults 25-35. There are about 65 of these groups that create programs and activities in support of our mission and Unitarian Universalist values. Anyone can get involved in these groups.

Each ministry team is “led” by at least one lay leader working with at least one staff person. This structure is for accountability, planning and facilitating the new meetings, the purpose, in order to hold up the mission of First Church.

Membership Ministry Team

The missions of the Membership Ministry is to maintain and strengthen the bonds of community at First Church both for its own sake and to enable the church to accomplish its mission. Leadership is provided by Rev. Kathleen Owens and Lay Leader (tba).

What is a Ministry Team?

A Ministry Team is a collection of church volunteers who work and play together in groups to heal our planet, create positive, progressive change, and live out our liberal religious values in meaningful community with one another. A Ministry Team is like a smaller “tribe” within a larger church village. All activity that goes on in the life of First Church, happens through the hearts, hands, and minds of the Ministry Teams.

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