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Ministry Team Council

Ministry Team Council

The Ministry Team Council meets monthly on the third Thursday to coordinate the ministry teams of the church. Church members and friends are welcome to observe these meetings. Volunteers can now go to the appropriate ministry team when they need approval, funding or assistance for some activity, and the Ministry Team Council meetings enable each ministry team to report, share ideas, ask questions, consult with staff and peers, discuss concerns and work together in establishing the master calendar, budget priorities and all-church events.


Any small group ministry done within the church. Includes lay pastoral care, covenant groups, neighborhood groups, etc. Read more

Community Life

Building a vibrant, progressive community. Read more

Denominational Affairs

Connects with UU groups outside of First Church: the UUA, the PSWD, Cluster Outreach/Inreach Organization. Could include representatives for the national affiliates of DRUUM, the UU Women’s Federation, etc. Read more


All things financial; such as the Fund Development Committee, the Fund Management Committee, and Planned Giving. Read more

Lifespan Religious Education

Includes Adult, Youth and Children’s ongoing religious education. Read more

Social Justice

All social justice groups; such as Peace and Democracy, Reproductive Justice, Voluntary Simplicity. Read more

Worship and Program

All services connected to the worship service, and any group that puts on a program of some kind in the church; these could include, Music, Ushers, Flowers, etc.. Read more

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