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  • Speaking Truth to Power at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors

    I had the privilege of being one of 31 speakers at Wednesday night's budget meeting...the first budget meeting County Supervisors have ever had in the evening. It was a meaningful experience and I was proud to stand in partnership with SDOP and others in the coalition of Invest in San Diego Families. The three minutes they gave me to speak went quickly so here are my full comments. Hello – I am Rev.

  • Reflection on Orlando Shooting

    One more time we publicly mourned gun violence in our country. As I prepared myself to participate in a vigil I wrote: Once again we stand on the side of Love with the victims of the shooting, with the families mourning their dead. We also stand on the side of Love with our Muslim kin and will not let one person's action define a whole group or religion.

  • Our Words of Welcome

    “Come, come, whoever you are ..." Each Sunday morning, a lay member of our congregation stands in our pulpit and says to visitor and member alike “Welcome. You are welcome here.” The words they use have varied over time. In the summer and fall of this year, our opening words offered specific welcome to a diverse group of people: trans folks, those serving in the military, those of non-dominant cultural groups.

  • On gun violence

    Gun Violence and a UU Response               On Thursday, Aug. 27th this year New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote “More Americans have died from guns in the United States since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American history.” That is a huge statement and researchers, led by Louis Jacobson with www.politifact.com examined the evidence to support such a statement. After a thorough examination of the evidence and...

  • Summer service experiment 2015

    Summer Worship Attendance Blog             This summer we experimented with having one worship service at 10:00 a.m. and then an engagement activity at 11:30 at our Hillcrest campus. Our South Bay campus continued its regularly scheduled worship service at 9:30 a.m.

  • More news about staff transitions

    Dear Members and Friends, I want to share with you that Abby Koch, our Executive Administrator and Office Manager is leaving her position with us to take up a position at another institution to become the Pool Manager for two pools in the San Diego area. Abby has been an important part of the staff for ten years and we will miss her a great deal. However, she will still be a member of First UU Church and looks forward to engaging in programs and events as a church member.

  • Standing Up for Racial Justice

    This morning I had the privilege of being on a conference call with 400 clergy and faith leaders who are engaged in Standing Up for Racial Justice. As I understand it, just this week alone seven Black churches have been burned in seven days. This is an act of terror in our own country.

  • Staff Transitions

    Staff Transitions are happening here at First and I want to ensure you as members and friends are kept informed about our process and what's happening.  Kristen Kuriga is taking a sabbatical from her position as Social Justice Ministry Team Coordinator to complete her Clinical Pastoral Experience (CPE) through the summer and fall months. She will remain the part-time South Bay Ministry Team Coordinator, supporting worship services, lay leaders and outreach efforts.

  • Some Lessons Learned

    Some Lessons LearnedI have been amazed at how travel can warp one’s sense of time. Because this is the first time I have ever been away from home or church for longer than a month, the last two months have both crawled and flown by. I say “crawled” because it seems like San Diego and September 4th feel so much longer ago than 8 weeks and yet I say “flown” because the time also feels like it has flown by and already, two out of three months (the first part of my five month sabbatical) are over.

  • Crowds, Museums and Ruins, Oh My!

    Crowds, Museums and Ruins, Oh My!On October 1st, we left the relatively peaceful and relaxing Greek islands and spent a week in Athens…and then moved on to Rome…hence the title of this blog, Crowds, Museums and Ruins. And we often said to one another, “Oh my!” to the crowds, to the largess of these two incredible cities (Athens and Rome), to the crowds, to the rush and crush, to the museums, the crowds, the ruins, the crowds and, yes, all the people. In these cities we sometimes felt over-run, i...

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Our Ministers

First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego has two ministers, both of whom are active writers, theologians and travelers. We invite you to learn about their latest thoughts and adventures and engage with them by adding your comments. 

Rev. Kathleen Owens

“We are committed to offering bold and engaging worship and programs that stir the heart and mind, inviting people to explore more deeply how community, justice, care and joy can live more fully in our lives.” When Kathleen is not at church, she and her wife Jan are either walking and hiking in San Diego, traveling, enjoying movies and theatre or spending time with their family at home.

Rev. Ian W. Riddell

Rev. Ian Riddell’s ministry calls him to the work of re-building the world shaped by justice, kindness, and humility — participating in and guiding and ministering with a community that has covenanted to walk together in the task of healing self and the world—to sing and listen and speak and act and teach against separation and for the flourishing of life.

Rev. Tania Márquez

I joined the First UU Church of San Diego as the Assistant Minister in 2017. On Sundays, you are more likely to see me in our South Bay campus. I am South Bay´s part time minister and I am also in charge of our Caring Ministry, the People of Color group, coordinating our Wisdom Circles, and overseeing the Young Adult ministry at our church. I am excited about the work that a border church can engage in and happy to be a team member of First Church. I am inspired by the work of its members and the commitment to multicultural growth and social justice. It is an honor to serve this one as a minister.