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Messages 2015

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March, 2015 was the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches, and Bloody Sunday (March 7, 1965).

Rev Kathleen Owens preached on her Commemoration experiences in her March 15 Experiencing Selma sermon after her return.

In 1965, after the Selma march, the Unitarian Department of Social Responsibility, wanted to continue our witness there and arranged for an on-going presence of UU ministers to remain in Selma. Our minister at the time, Rev John Ruskin Clark, volunteered for two weeks from Aug 8 to Aug 24. Upon his return, he preached two sermons, the texts of which are available here: Selma Insights (Sep 12, 1965) and A New Understanding of the White Problem (Sep 19, 1965).