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Lori LeSage, Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Lori LeSageJoined the staff in 2016. 

My name is Lori LeSage and I am the Administrative Assistant for the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego. 

I heard about the position at First Church through Pam Bates, our Development Manager and Scheduler. I worked with Pam at two previous jobs, and really admired her calm and friendly demeanor. At TransWestern Publishing, a Yellow Pages company, I worked in contract input and graphic design, first as a composer, and then was promoted to Supervisor. Pam was one of my managers, and provided gentle guidance as I transitioned from employee to supervisor. When I worked with Pam again at Biotone, I was once more impressed with her calm, strong attitude as a temporary leader.  We became friends on Facebook and I kept seeing that Pam's posts were spiritual without involving God. I had left a very strict and conservative church, but thought I could be interested in a church that was comfortable with the kind of ideas that Pam posted.

When Pam spoke to me about a job opening for an Administrative Assistant at First Church, I was intrigued enough about the church to apply. I appreciate the communication between staff members and find my co-workers and the members welcoming without reservation. The staff acknowledges my contributions, and are very supportive of my transition and learning curve.  The working atmosphere is healthy and fulfilling. I enjoy being busy in the workplace, and I'm learning the rhythm of this job.  Sundays and Mondays are relatively quiet, while Wednesday and Thursday are very busy, as I prepare the Window, the Order of Service and PowerPoint slideshow that need to be ready every Sunday. I also help with the First Words newsletter once a month, and the Membership Directory. 

Raised in a conservative Christian tradition, I found that questions I asked, and concerns I expressed, were not being answered satisfactorily, and felt more and more disconnected from the religion I was raised in. Women were not given positions of authority, and I was enough of a feminist to be offended by this. I find spirituality in many non-biblical places, nature, art, music, energy and reincarnation just to name a few; things my former religion was not comfortable with. I left that church five years ago and have been exploring my spirituality, searching for a place that would accommodate all of my different beliefs.

What I like about Unitarian Universalism is the blending of philosophies and spiritual pursuits. When I saw that First Church offered Buddhist sanghas, pagan celebrations, and meditation, in addition to more traditional Sunday worship service, that spoke to me.  My hope for this next year is to settle into my job and attend some of the classes on campus, to continue exploring and growing in this warm welcoming home.

I have two adult children, my son, Nick, 21, and daughter, Kimee, 17. They both live at home and are attending school at Cuyamaca College.

Phone (619) 298-9978 x209 | Email lori@firstuusandiego.org

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