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Kathe Larick

K├Ąthe Larick, Youth Program Coordinator

Joined the staff in 2003.

As the product of a Jewish father and Christian (Church of the Brethren) mother, I've explored many spiritual paths and eventually became a Unitarian at the age of 17. I moved to San Diego (the first time) in 1978 to attend UCSD where I met my husband, Jeff. Careers and family matters took us away from the area for about 10 years, but we moved back to San Diego in late 1995 and became members here at First UU Church in 1999. Youth ministry has long been my passion, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a youth advisor for 7 years before I took my present position. I am also currently serving our district YRUU board as one of the adults-at-large. As the Youth Programs Coordinator, it is my goal to create programs that strengthen the bonds of community, provide intellectual and spiritual growth and nourishment, develop youth leadership skills, empower youth and adults to work together in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, and encourage social action by helping to facilitate service opportunities for the youth participants. By creating and maintaining programs that are based on our Unitarian Universalist principles and values, youth are empowered on their journey to become life-long Unitarian Universalists.

Phone (619) 398-4440 | Email kathe@firstuusandiego.org

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