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Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice

Interfaith Center for Worker Justice

Reflections on Past Events

Religious leaders from many faith perspectives have participated successfully in many struggles with low-wage workers such as janitors and hotel housekeepers who are trying to obtain justice in the workplace and the ability to support their families. ICWJ helps raise the voices of the working poor by such means as writing letters, meeting with workers and management, participating in delegations, witnessing negotiations, and sponsoring vigils, events, and programs.

Ways to Get Involved


Strengthening the working relationship between the religious and labor communities and giving voice to a moral conscience regarding the issues of labor-management relations and human rights.


Educating the community on the right of workers to obtain just and living wages and other benefits that allow for a life with dignity, and informing the larger interfaith communities about the role of labor advocacy groups in securing social and economic justice for workers.


Supporting workers by encouraging employers to recognize the rights of workers to organize and negotiate contracts in good faith, and mobilizing the religious communities and people of faith to advocate for workers who are struggling for fairness and justice.


There is a need for the religious community and people of faith to become involved on behalf of workers, especially those workers who are suffering economically. ICWJ needs active volunteers who are able to participate in its campaigns by attending events to support workers, including prayer vigils, City Council and School Board meetings, and worker actions.


Contact Jill Hansen to learn how YOU can make a difference in the lives of working families trying to take a step out of poverty. 619/543-9798 or Email Jill



The mission of the Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice is to educate and mobilize San Diego’s religious and faith communities to raise awareness and to support campaigns that sustain workers’ lives with dignity, by improving wages, benefits, working conditions, and giving them a voice on the job. 


(Interfaith Committee Committee for Worker Justice)
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