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How to help your child enjoy our Easter morning spring celebration (formerly known as the egg hunt)

Ah spring--that season when we are all still playing catch up from losing an hour of sleep and enjoying having sunlight over our dinner hours. It is also the season of the egg hunt.

While not all families partake in Easter or egg hunts (or some combination of the two) many of you may be looking at your calendar and seeing multiple opportunities for your little ones to go searching for eggs. Many of these egg hunts have gotten so large that the culture of egg hunts has shifted to a competitive, individualistic "how many can I get before everyone else?" event. The result is often tears and piles of plastic toys or candy--neither of which brings joy to the life of a parent let alone a child. Sound familiar?

That's not how we roll at the First UU Church of San Diego. We strive to provide opportunities for our kids to live out our values including respect for all, offering fair and kind treatment, and caring for our world. That is why our egg hunt is a bit different.

What is different?

Our egg hunt has 2 phases:

Phase 1:

Our egg hunt will send kids on a quest to find a specific number of eggs--no more, no fewer. They will each have an egg carton to fill. When it is full they have earned the chance to move on to the next phase. They may also choose to help children who are struggling to find eggs (but only if the other child wants help).

Here's a twist--every egg will be empty. The joy is in the searching and finding. The take home comes in phase 2.

Phase 2:

Children can trade in their empty eggs and turn their egg cartons into flower planters to attract butterflies like monarchs. We will have a planting station on the patio for them to decorate and then fill their cartons with soil and add seeds to take home. (note--there will be dirt so you may want to do your family pictures pre-planting). By planting seeds that attract butterflies, they are helping care for our earth.

Once all children have moved onto phase 2 children may go with an adult back to the Plateau to help collect the rest of the eggs (in case they haven't gotten their egg hunt fill).

We need YOUR help framing the egg hunt for your kids so they have a great time.  Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Let your children know this egg hunt is different than some others they may have done and encourage them to listen closely and follow the instructions they will get before it begins.
  2. Feel free to tell them there will be nothing inside of the eggs but their "prize" comes when they bring their egg carton back full of the right number of eggs (1 per egg slot).
  3. If your child tends toward the competitive, you may want to come up with strategies with them about how they can be helpful to other kids rather than compete with them (everyone is looking for the same number of eggs).


 See you on March 27th between services (around 10:45am) at the Hillcrest Campus!

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