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Our Empowered Organization

The mission of First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego is to create community, to nurture spiritual growth, and to act on our values to help heal the world.

To this end we work within a structure of Empowered Organization comprised of a church constitution and implemented by the following entities:

Ministry Teams

This is a reorganization of the various committees, task forces and affiliated organizations into 7 related teams of church governance. Each team has lay leadership and a staff member responsible to them, to help facilitate projects, coordinate volunteer efforts, etc. This has streamlined much of the business within areas of like governance, such as a Master calendar for Worship and Program, created at the beginning of a church year.

Ministry Team Council

Would have a representative from each Ministry Team. The Ministry Team Council is comprised of a representative from each Ministry Team and it's role is to facilitate communication between the teams. They report to the Board periodically or as needed..

The Executive Team

Consisting of the Lead Minister, the Associate Minister, the Church Administrator and the RE Director, the Executive Team supports the congregation, the Ministry Team Council, and the Ministry Teams. They work with the Ministry Team Council, on the budget and other matters. They would be able to make many independent decisions, such as handling the day-to-day administration of the church, reporting to the Board as necessary or as required.

The Board of Trustees

Writes the policies which allows the Ministry Teams and the Executive Team to make independent decisions, as long as they are abiding by the executive limitations and other goals as set by the Board. In this way, the Board is freed up to become a long-term visioning group, able to discern what goals or ends the congregation wishes to achieve. The Board will be able to monitor the progress of the congregation in achieving their goals. They will also monitor the performance of the Executive Team, in terms of their work towards the achievement of those goals.

Journey Toward Wholeness

At First Unitarian Universalist Church San Diego (FUUSD), Journey Toward Wholeness focuses on dismantling racism, eradicating other oppressions, and on bringing about transformation through increased awareness. JTW is an initiative of the Board of Trustees. To find out more, go to our JTW page.