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Gift Annuities

Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity

Through a simple contract, you agree to make a donation of cash, stocks or other assets to Unitarian-Universalist Association (UUA). In return, the UUA agrees to pay you (and someone else, if you choose) a fixed amount each year for the rest of your life and then give First Church up to 65% of the remaining value. (The UUA has the expertise required to manage such a long-term arrangement. In return, it requests that at least 35% of the remainder be granted to the UUA). In addition to providing a gift to First Church and receiving fixed payments for life, you also receive these benefits:

  • The initial gift is partially income tax–deductible (according to IRS rules about the expected value of the ultimate gift).
  • The charitable gift annuity payments are partially income tax–free throughout your estimated life expectancy.
  • The payments are not affected by ups and downs in the economy.
  • The gift annuity can be for one or two people, so a spouse or another loved one can also receive payments for life.
  • If you use appreciated stock to make a gift, you can usually eliminate capital gains tax on a portion of the gift and spread the rest of the gain over your life expectancy.

Generally, the older you are at the start of your payments, the higher your payments. These rates are the maximum rates recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities and are adjusted periodically.

One LifeTwo Lives
Your AgeRate of ReturnYour AgesRate of Return
 60 4.8% 60/65 4.4%
 65 5.3% 65/70 4.8%
 70 5.8% 70/75 5.4%
 75 6.5% 75/80 5.9%
 80 7.5% 80/85 6.7%
 85 8.4% 85/90 7.9%
 90+ 9.8% 90/95+ 9.6%

Pooled Income Fund

The UUA offers an alternative to the Gift Annuity that involves investments in stocks, bonds, and other securities, so as to offer the possibility of a rising amount of payments to you or another beneficiary over time. It works through taking your payment and pooling it with others into what is in effect a mutual fund invested for growth as well as income.

In contrast to the normal gift annuity, the payments are not a fixed guaranteed amount, but rather reflect the actual income earned by the pooled fund. They will start off lower than the Gift Annuity payments but offer the possibility for increases over time and a higher amount paid to First Church at your passing. 

For current rates and for more information please contact First Church Development Manager Pam Bates at (619) 398-4442.

Questions? Need help?

Please contact First Church Development Manager Pam Bates at (619) 398-4442 or online.