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Mission, Vision and Goals

Our mission is to develop financial and spiritual resources for the current and future needs of First UU with integrity and with an awareness of the joy inherent in cultivating generosity as a spiritual virtue.

Our vision is to support the Mission and Goals of First UU by increasing the Generosity of our Congregation in terms of time, treasure, and talent. 


  1. Create and support events and programs that engage a diverse, intergenerational, and intercultural community.
  2. Help to transform San Diego by being generous with groups that share our values, and those with which we can find common ground.
  3. Raise congregational awareness of how being generous impacts our First UU and the greater community.
  4. Intentionally engage all generations in activities and programs that provide opportunities to practice generosity of spirit and actions.

Who to Contact

Lay Leadership

Randy Brinton, Jan Garbosky, Rhea Kuhlman, Sue Marberry, Tena Navarrete, and Andrew Utt.

Staff Leadership

Rev. Kathleen Owens, Lead Minister & Robie Evans, Director of Operations