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Economic Justice

Unitarian Universalists believe that Economic Inequality is a moral issue. While there are economic reasons for eliminating inequality (e.g., more people will have more money to spend) the moral reasons are even more compelling. The lack of upward mobility for the disenfranchised, the unequal distribution of civic services in poorer sections of town, and the fact that low and middle class workers are not well represented at the bargaining table are all of concern.

The Economic Justice team at first Church concentrates on the following areas of action and education:

Life support for the homeless
Supporting and advocating for unions
Food distribution and availability for the underclass
Income inequality

In 2015-16, we are providing a variety of programs:

Educational seminars and panel discussions on Unions and Food Chain Worker Rights
Serving Thanksgiving Dinner and distributing Christmas gift for the homeless
Supporting a minimum wage referendum
Gathering signatures for public financing of elections
Outside activist lecture series
Monthly facilitated video presentations

We welcome volunteers to help us with these activities - please contact John Schaibly john@schaibly.com to participate.

Please follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/firstuusdej 

For Economic Justice information from the UUA, visit http://www.uua.org/economic.



Economic Justice
John Schaibly
Christina Imhoof
Ron del Papa
Kathryn Fuller
Joan Helland
Kathy Smith
Jill Hansen