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Dining for Dollar$ Auction

Dining for Dollar$ 2019

Welcome to our 15th Annual Dining for Dollar$ and thanks to everyone who has participated so far.

Online Bidding is now closed but you can still bid on nearly 50 events that have spaces remaining! Download a list of Spaces Available as of 6/3/19.

We have close to 1,100 winning bids from nearly 200 of you. And, we still have over 50 events that are not full. So we will print bidding sheets and have them in Bard Hall this Sunday so you can continue to sign up for these fun events and services at the minimum bid. We are currently at almost $43,000 and our goal is $50,000.

Winners: You will be notified soon about the event(s) you won and how much you owe.
Payment: Payment for your winning bids is due by July 1, 2019.
Installments: If you prefer to pay in two installments, the first half is due by July 1, 2019 and the second by December 1, 2019. We hope that by spreading out the payment, you will be able to bid on, and enjoy more events.
Payment Methods: Please pay by check made out to First UU Church and include “D4$ 2019” on the memo line. You can also pay via a credit card in the online auction system.
Details: Please note that there are no refunds on Dining for Dollar$ items! If you win a bid, but can’t attend the event, please contact the host and then donate your spot to a friend or family member. You may also call the Church Office and ask that Robie Evans, Director of Operations, donate your spot to a New Church Member. Money will not be refunded.

Questions? Need help?

Robie Evans, Director of Operations (619) 398-4433 robie@firstuusandiego.org

What is Dining for Dollar$?


Get Involved with Dining for Dollar$

Dining for Dollar$ is an annual fundraiser event built on the concept of members creating and hosting fellow church members and their families & friends for dinners, teas and picnics, museum tours with lunch, pool parties, brunches & barbecues, cooking classes and other events. But Dining for Dollar$ is about more than eating! We also get together for professional services like computer help, tax assistance, chiropractic, reiki and acupuncture, lessons, and even heavily discounted vacation rentals! Whether you participate as a Bidder or a Host, we know you'll have a great time getting involved with Dining for Dollar$.