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Covenant of Good Relations

Standard Version

Covenant of Good Relations for First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego

We members, friends, staff, and ministers of First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego covenant to treat ourselves and one another with respect. We vow to live our values, to learn, and to serve in ways that are fulfilling and responsible.

We respect and honor ourselves and others when we:

  • listen, speak, and act with integrity and compassion;
  • communicate openly without anonymous criticism; and
  • express gratitude and appreciation.

We value ourselves and others when we:

  • invite and welcome into our church the diverse populations and cultures of the wider community;
  • enjoy each other with playfulness and good humor;
  • act with awareness of ecological issues.

We learn when we:

  • educate ourselves about church structure and governance, and the responsibilities of ministers, staff, and volunteers;
  • appreciate our own limitations as well as those of others; and
  • practice the established process of resolving differences.

We serve when we:

  • contribute our financial resources, time. and skills according to our ability, whenever possible;
  • model Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values; and
  • strive to reflect more accurately the demographics of the wider community in our Church.

Covenant of Good Relations - approved by the Congregation on June 8, 2008


Children's Version of the Covenant of Good Relations

Everyone at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego promises each other
that we will treat each other kindly.

We promise to act in ways that show what we believe is important; to learn; and to help
in ways that are caring of others and make us feel good.

We respect and Honor ourselves and others when we:
  • Act, listen and speak as if the people who love us the most were there;
  • Say our feelings face to face;
  • Keep a thank you in our hearts and on our lips.

We value ourselves and others when we:

  • Invite and welcome all people into our church;
  • Have fun together with kindness;
  • Take care of our planet.

We learn when we:

  • Ask questions about how the church works, and learn the jobs of the ministers, staff and volunteers.
  • We understand that each of us has things we can do and things we cannot do;
  • We treat one another with kindness in solving problems.

We help our church when we:

  • Give our money and time as possible;
  • Act in our lives what we learn in church;
  • Welcome everyone to our church.