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Construction Slide Shows (to be archived)

Welcome Center Construction Story

Over the course of several years, First Church undertook an ambitious plan to completely renovate the central meeting center. Now called the Welcome Center, this shining new building hosts events, ceremonies, workshops, services, a full commercial kitchen, a library, meeting rooms and many activities. 

A Story in Photos

The demolition of the old, beloved Bard Hall was quickly followed by an amazing construction process. You can follow the whole adventure in photos on this page. Click on the links at right to go to each slideshow, click on the first slide to start the show.


Welcome Center Dedication and Garden Party, (setup, event, take down), Aug 19, 2012
Installation of "Green Screens" for Bard Hall and Entrance, July 6 2012
Interior Update, June 4 2012
Landscaping Update, June 5 2012
Hubble Disk Reinstalled in Cornerstone Sculpture, June 5 2012
Landscaping, June 1 2012
Jerry Thiebault's Aspiration Stelae Reinstalled, May 29 2012
Landscaping, Pavers, Stellae, Steps to UCSD, Cabling, May 18-25 2012
Patio, Driveway, and Parking Lot Update, May 18 2012
Interior plus Sitescaping Update, May 18 2012
Interior Update, May 4 2012
Patio Walkways and Parking Lot Sitescaping, May 1 and 4
Upper Patio Walkways and Parking Lot Entrance, Prep and Pour, Apr 28 2012
Site-scaping and Interior Update, Apr 24 2012
Interior and Site-scaping Update, Apr 18 2012
Interior Update, Apr 8 2012
Railings, Further Stuccoing, Site and Entrance Work, Apr 7 2012
Site Grading, Roofing, Stuccoing Continues, Mar 24 2012
Bldg Wrap, Stucco, Narthax Lighting and Draining, Site Walls and Grading, Mar 16 2012
Slide Show Construction Tour, Mar 9 2012
Video tour of construction, to date, led by Rev Kathleen Owens, Mar 4 2012
Lathing Bldg Wrap, Patio Site Retaining Walls, Meeting House Ramp, Feb 24 2012
Interior, Feb 16 2012
Beginning Windows and Patio Retaining Walls , Feb 16 2012
Begin Narthex Lighting and Draining, Feb 10 2010
Framing; Roof Rafters and Sheeting; Exterior Stairs and Railing, Feb 3 2012
2nd Floor Rough Framing and Exterior Shear Paneling, Jan 28 2012
Interior and 2nd Floor Deck, Jan 20 2012
Framing Continues, Hall and 2nd Floor Started, Jan 19 2012
Rough Framing Begins, Jan 11 2012
Phoenix Rising: Steel, rebar, slab pour, drainage, Dec 28 2011
Upper Level Footings, Foundations, Conduits, Dec 11 2011
Lower Level Foundations Poured, Nov 29 2011
Lower Level Footings Dug and Poured, Nov 10, 2011
Floor plans, Elevations, Landscaping
Pad Ready, Oct 25, 2011
Site Grading, Footings, Utility Installations, Brush Removal, Oct 4, 2011
Hubble Sculpture and Cornerstone moved to new permanent location, Aug 22-25, 2011
Entrance Wall Demolition, Aug 22, 2011
Historical Aerial Photos of Campus
Patio Demolition, Aug 19, 2011
Glass Removed From James Hubble Patio Sculpture, Aug 17, 2011
Chimney Down; Patio Up, Aug 17, 2011
Bard Hall Frame Deconstruction Completed, Aug 16, 2011
Original Sign Removed, Aug 15, 2011
Deconstruction Continues, Aug 12, 2011
Deconstruction Begins - Really, Aug 10, 2011
Logo Added to Signage, Aug 2011
New Signage, Jul 2011
Access Ramp Built, Apr 2011
D4$ Bard Hall Demo Event, Feb 2011
ECSC Goodbye Bard Hall Ritual, Feb 2011
Upper Patio Bricks Moved, Jan 2011
Aspiration Stelae Dissembled, Dec 2010
Channing Chalice Moved, Nov 2010