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Campus Renovation (to be archived)

Campus Renovation

Campus Renovation

Campus Site Layout and Master Plan Key Phasing

B—Bard Hall with 2nd Floor Addition 1. Bard Hall and Courtyard
A—Administration Building with 2nd Floor Addition 2. Administration and
R—Religious Education Building Renovations Religious Education
P—Preschool (playground renovation) 3. Parking Structure
M—Meeting House (minor improvements
G—Parking Garage


Bard Hall—A second floor addition of 2,000 square feet to accommodate three new meeting hall of various sizes, more functional storage and kitchen arrangements, increased restroom accommodations, an enlarged library/conference room, meeting room and a dedicated music office.

Administration Building—A second floor addition of 2,500 square feet to accommodate program coordinators and ministry with additional functional meeting and support spaces; first floor renovations redefine the building entrance administrative support area, provide conference, workshop and utility space.

Connecting bridge/walkways—A connection between the second levels of Bard Hall and the Administration Building that would provide a more defined exterior contour and a bridge to the UCSD parking structure access road.

Patio—Retain current function with a new disabilities accessible ramp, a new Meeting House portico, and integration with a new memorial wall/garden.

Parking Structure—A free standing structure located in the existing parking lot, esthetically integrated with the campus, and financed through revenue generated from commercial parking.

For much more info view our construction slideshows page.

Planning Documents



  • Adequate programmed spaces
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Integration of existing buildings
  • Phased improvements
  • Enhancement of existing amenities
  • Accessibility and Safety
  • Sufficient near parking

Download the Bard Hall Road Show (.pdf).

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