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Christian Study Group

UU Christian Study Group

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Christian Study Group: We are a community of non-creedal Jesus Followers in the history and tradition of Unitarian Universalism. We are members and friends of this congregation who share a common respect for the message of unconditional love taught by Jesus in the Gospels and in the Christian tradition from which Unitarians and Universalists emerged. We study all aspects of the world's religious and spiritual traditions so that this light may better shine in our own lives and the world. 

Further readings and resources:

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     Christian Unitarian Universlaists
     UU Views of Jesus
     The Faith of a UU Christian

For more information about the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship (UUCF), visit their website.

Who are the UU Christians?
by Rev. Dr. Thomas D. Wintle, the Senior Minister of the First Parish, Weston, Massachusetts
in a UUCF Blog.

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