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Children and Youth Choirs

Emerging Voices (Children's Choir) Ages 5 - 12

Our Mission: Music is fun, first! Children's choir is about enjoying the experience of singing in an ensemble and learning to sing with a solid vocal technique that allows the voice to grow in a natural way. Added benefits to choral singing are building self-confidence, self-discipline, memory skills, enhanced social development and have better emotional expression. No prior choral experience is necessary

Instruction and Music Theory:
In addition to learning vocal warm-ups, technique, and songs, the children are introduced to basic musical concepts. Tempo, dynamics, pitch, and music notation are explained and explored in a variety of ways that are age-appropriate. Choir members also explore rhythm through clapping, dancing, echo games, and simple part-singing. At times, percussion, hand chimes, and other simple, child-friendly instruments are used.

Special Needs: We welcome children with special needs and invite their parents (or those who know parents of children with special needs who may enjoy choir) to visit and/or speak with Tony if they have questions or concerns.

Performance Opportunities: The Emerging Voices (Children’s Choir) sings for selected Sunday morning services, including intergenerational services and the All-choir Music Sundays. Additionally, the Children's and Youth Choirs give two concerts each year.

Parent Participation: With the diverse ages and abilities of the children, there is ample opportunity to assist during rehearsals and performances. Parents who are willing to serve as accompanying musicians (especially those who can play drums, shakers, or other percussion instruments), attendance takers, and/or read-along help are much appreciated. Parents are also welcome to visit or join rehearsal at any time.

Rehearsals: The Emerging Voices (Children’s Choir) rehearses each Sunday (September through June) from 10:45 to 11:45 am in Room 113. 

Voices in Unity (Youth Choir) Ages 13 - 18

The Voices in Unity (Youth Choir) is open to young singers from age 13 through 18. No previous choral experience is required, although we are happiest when singers come to us as "graduates" of our own Children’s Choir program or another children’s musical organization.

Purpose: The purpose of this choir is to build the singers’ vocal ability and music-reading skills and to learn appropriate choral repertory for performance in Sunday worship services, community events and youth concerts. The choir sings music of various levels of challenge, from unison chants and songs to four-part anthems and other choral arrangements. We stress music from all of the sources of our Living Tradition, as explained in the UUAs Purposes and Principles, and strive to include music from varied world music cultures.

Performance: The Voices in Unity (Youth Choir) sings by itself every month and has opportunities to sing with our other choirs in special worship services, including our All-choir Music Sundays. This choir is also interested in sharing music with the community so if you'd like to book the youth choir for your event, please contact Rev. Ian.

Rehearsals: The Voices in Unity (Youth Choir) rehearses in Clark Chapel from 1:00pm to 2:30 pm every Sunday September through June, following the second service. 

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Who to contact

Lara Korneychuk
Hillcrest Music Coordinator and Chalice and Youth Choirs Director
(619) 398-4432 lara@firstuusandiego.org

Tony Bianca
Interim R.E. Coordinator, Children's Choir and Handbell Programs Director
(619) 398-4444 tony@firstuusandiego.org

The many benefits of choral singing

For more information on the benefits of choral singing please visit the Chorus America website and view this great CBS Good Morning America video-clip "Choruses Lead the Way".