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Children's Ministry and Religious Education


The Mission of the Children's Ministry Program is to nurture and stimulate our children's spiritual and personal growth and to teach and model the values that hold us together as Unitarian Universalists.

Classes are taught by members of the congregation. Some of our teachers are parents of children in the program, many are not. All classes, except the nursery, follow a curriculum. In all of our classes we strive to make our children feel loved and accepted. We believe that all children are worthy human beings deserving our respect.

To Nurture and Stimulate


Six things you can do to get the most out of Children's RE and Family Ministry at First UU San Diego:

The following information will help you and your children to take the best advantage of the programs we offer:

  1. Register your child(ren). Our simple registration form provides us with important information that we need to keep your child safe and help create the best possible learning environment for them.
  2. Attend regularly. Our children really want to be here with their friends. Coming regularly helps them connect with the other children and develop friendships. It also helps to put the individual lessons in context and they become more meaningful.
  3. Join in! Ours is a cooperative ministry which means it takes many different talents. Become a class leader or volunteer, help with special events, gather parents for social and social justice gatherings. . .there are as many ways to engage as there are family members!
  4. Educate yourself as a Unitarian Universalist parent. Parents need to be the primary religious educators of their children. Take the time to learn more about our faith tradition through reading, adult education classes, small groups, and discussions. 
  5. Connect with the wider congregation! Make time in your lives for your child to attend the extracurricular and special events of the program and church. These less structured times are wonderful for making friends, building community, and developing a sense of Unitarian Universalist identity.
  6. Stay in the know--be sure to read the weekly church bulletin (The Window) and the regular Children and Family Ministry Happenings newsletter. Sign up via the link on the left.

Children and Family Ministry Calendar First UU San Diego

2015-2016 Children's Religious Education Offerings

Hillcrest Campus

9:30am Classes

Celebrating Me and My World (2-3 years old)

Using story, ritual, and play we will celebrate the wondrous qualities of children and the people, animals, and objects around them. The children will have the opportunity to develop self-esteem, experience opportunities to grow in trust and caring, and a sense of being connected with all the world around them. Children in this class may be brought to the classroom by the beginning of the service and should be picked up when the service ends.


World of Wonder (4 y/o+)

This program delves deep into our Unitarian Universalist seventh Principle. It instills respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part, and appreciation of its beauty, excitement, and mystery through direct experiences with nature and story. From nature walks to recycled art to playing with worms to creating pinwheels for peace these story and activity based classes will delight and inspire all while creating a better understanding of Unitarian Universalist principles in action. 

Jedi Academy (7 y/o +)

Inspired by the popular sci-fi stories, this year-long curriculum helps our elementary-aged children learn about Unitarian Universalism as they enter a journey to become Jedi Knights. Using the categories of Skill, Senses, Courage, Insight and Spirit, this class will focus on development of mindfulness, peace and justice. No prior knowledge of Star Wars is required. Participants will be invited to be a part of a Jedi Knighting ceremony in the spring.

Leadership Academy

We invite our older children to join us as we pilot a new leadership program designed to mentor our children as they create community and learn what it means to live out our Unitarian Universalist principles through leadership. Leadership Academy will meet on the 1st and 2nd Sundays of the month to play games, connect, and explore how to be a leader with their trained mentors. Participants will be a part of choosing social justice projects to work on together throughout the year. On the 3rd and 4th Sunday and 5th Sundays of the month, our young leaders will choose an area of leadership in the congregation such as assisting in other classrooms, participating in leading worship, or serving as a Jr. Religious Education assistant for the day.



11:30am Class

Rainbow Adventurers

In this multi-aged chapel-based class, children will explore the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism through story and self-directed activities. The class will begin with a story focusing on one of the seven principles where the kids will be an active part of telling and playing out the tales. Children will then be invited to choose from a variety of learning stations that allow them to engage the story and principle in a way that best suits them. 

Infants through Age 4

Our youngest children will receive tender and loving care in our Nursery, provided by trained, professional caregivers. Children may be signed in before the service begins.


9:30 Program South Bay

All families worship together in our weekly multigenerational services. Each week there will be a story, song, and other interactive elements to engage all ages. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming learning opportunities for children and families at South Bay!

General Information

New this year: If you are attending services and Religious Education at the Hillcrest Campus you are strongly encouraged to sign in your child BEFORE entering the Meeting House by stopping by the Children and Family Ministry Table on the Patio at the Hillcrest campus. 

Children's Religious Education classes are provided at no cost to families. We ask that all families register in order for us to have the necessary information to meet the learning needs of your child(ren) and have important safety and emergency information.  

Not sure which class is best for your child(ren)? Want to join a teaching team or get involved in children's ministry? Contact: Melissa James, Ph.D., Director of Children and Family Ministry, at Melissa@firstuusandiego.org

Children and Family Ministry Blog

  • Fall 2015 Family Ministry Forum Report Back

    Thank you to all of the parents who were able to join us for our Fall 2015 Family Ministry Forums on November 15, 2015 hosted by our Parent Advisory Team! We had a great group representing families with children aged 2 to 12. Together, we went through a process of dreaming together, setting priorities, and looking at what we already do and offer at First Church and what else we want to help us meet our goals.   Read More...

  • Guest Blogger: Lynn, Director of Emerging Voices (children's choir)

    Why Emerging Voices? By Lynn Mendoza-Khan Choir director for Emerging Voices, Voices in Unity and the Women’s choir Because as children explore their world they experience the range in emotions. They don’t always know how to process them beyond laughing, crying, yelling, stomping etc.   Read More...

  • Fall 2015 Classes Sneak Peak

    2015-2016 CRE programs will be announced soon. But, we are so jazzed about how we will be learning and growing together that we just can't wait to share our excitement. Here are the names of the classes we will be offering this year for CRE: 9:30am Classes: 2-3 year olds: Celebrating Me and My World 4 y/o+: World of Wonder 7 y/o+: Jedi Academy (inspired by Star Wars) 10 y/o+: Leadership Academy/Jr.   Read More...

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Registration for 2015-2016 is now open! Click here to register your child(ren)!

E-mail our Director of Children and Family Ministry, Melissa at melissa@firstuusandiego.org for more information.

Where do I go on Sunday?


Head directly into the service with your whole family! Children will be invited to leave with their teachers to the Religious Education classroom 2 Sundays a month.



1. Begin your morning by checking in at the welcome table to get oriented. Feel free to ask for a tour of our campus and classrooms.

2. Stop by the Patio to sign in for Religious Education. Find the sign-in sheet for your child(ren)'s class and sign them in. This will allow them to exit the Meeting House to find their teachers without disrupting your service experience. If you have questions about which class your child should attend--just ask!

3. Head to the Meeting House for the service as a family. If you have a child 3 or under, you may choose to go directly to their classroom or the nursery before heading to service (though they are welcome to go with you!).

3. Worshiping as a community is a central part of our Sunday morning experience.

Children are welcome and expected to attend the first part of the service which includes the invocation, chalice lighting and opening hymn.  Each week, the children are invited to come up on the chancel and lead the congregation in the words and motions of our Children's Affirmation:

"We are Unitarian Universalist, a people of

Open Minds,

Loving Hearts,

And Welcome Hands."

"Somos Unitarios Universalistas, personas de

Mentes abiertas,

Corazones amorosos,

Y manos que dan la bienvenida.”

4. After the children's affirmation, the
children leave the Meeting House to meet with their religious education teachers on the church patio. If you have already signed them in, you may choose whether or not you would like to accompany your child(ren) to meet the teachers. 

5. After signing in their child(ren), parents may then return to the Meeting House for the remaining service or attend class with their child(ren).

6. Parents sign out the children at the end of the children's program, after worship service from their classrooms.

Children and Family Ministry Happenings Newsletter

This is the regular newsletter that delivers information about the Children and Family Ministries at The First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego right to your inbox! Stay up-to-date on what's going on in Sunday Children's RE,parenting groups, family events and so much more!