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Ministers at First UU Church are available to create with you a wedding ceremony that is meaningful and uniquely yours. We meet with you in person to create a ceremony that reflects your intentions of creating a life together. Our campus includes a small chapel, a large sanctuary, and a reception hall with kitchen. We are also available to officiate weddings off-site. See our wedding and reception brochures and our Wedding Ceremony Checklist for more information.

Renewal of Vows

We believe that people and relationships grow and evolve. It is important to acknowledge this growth and occasionally renewal vows of commitment and wedding vows to celebrate the continued intention of creating a life together. Ministers at First UU Church are available to help you create a ceremony that acknowledges the growth in your lives and relationship.

Divorce Ceremonies

Just as we have rituals and ceremonies that acknowledge the beginning of a relationship, it can be important to have a ritual or ceremony that acknowledges the end of a relationship. Ministers at First UU Church are available to help create a ritual that signifies the ending of a relationship and continued growth as a couple chooses to go on their individual paths. Intentional endings can be a healthy and affirming way to say goodbye and begin a new and different life.

Child Dedications

We believe that children are unique and precious gifts to our families and community. It is a communal effort to raise up a child and so our ritual of child dedication, which includes the symbolic act of baptism with water, is done in a public way, with the whole community involved during a Sunday service. If you are interested in a private baby or child baptism with members of your own family or community our Ministers are happy to discuss this option with you.

Celebration of Life (Funerals and Memorial) Services

The Circle of Life is ever evolving and our Ministers are available to meet with you to create a memorial service that honors and celebrates the life of your beloved who has died. Each service is unique and the Minister will guide you through an order of service that offers a time of sharing and reflection. Please download our Celebration-of-Life Service Checklist, (Post-Death Tasks Check List) for more information or contact one of our Ministers. 

Coming of Age Ceremony

As part of our congregation, the youth in our youth program are celebrated as they come of age – leaving childhood and entering adolescence. It is a special time and one that requires acknowledgement. This ceremony is highlighted in a Sunday service in November after the youth, mentors and parents of youth have participated in a program that addresses the various needs and changes a family experiences as children grow up. To be involved in this program, please see our Staff page to contact our Director of Family Ministry.


This very special ceremony acknowledges and celebrates our youth who are transitioning from adolescence into young adulthood, from high school into a future beyond. This ceremony is highlighted in a Sunday service in May after youth and their parents have engaged in specific programming in the winter and spring. For more information about our Bridging program, please see our Staff page to contact our Youth Program Coordinator.

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First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego has been the spiritual home for thousands of families since 1873. As such we offer a wide variety of ceremonies to serve the needs of our members and the public. Our ministers are available as well as a small staff of lay people.

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