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Celebrating Ramadan - By Mar Cárdenas

On August 28th, Julie Schauble,Alex Mack, my fellow arrestee Audrey Williams, and I drove to Carlsbad to celebrate Ramadan with a local Muslim organization. Several of my Latino Facebook friends came too!

When I asked them why they had come, they said, "You invited us!" (Oh, yeah, I forgot.)

Before leaving, at about 11PM,I told the organizers that we had driven from Chula Vista to learn more about their holiday and to show them our solidaritylight of the recent attacks thatthe Muslimcommunity has been a victim of.We told the organizers that some of our churches are planning to hold Koran readings on September 12th to counteract the Koran burning scheduled to take place on September 11th. in Florida.

The men were visible touched by our gesture of goodwill and immediately passed on the information to othermembers of the group. Everyone was grateful and those who had kept their distance at the beginning of our visit warmly bid us farewell.