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  • Journey Towards Wholeness Screening: "It Is Time Now"

    Tuesday, July 30, 6 pm, Bard Hall. Everyone is invited to watch Rev. Marta Valentín from the UU Church of Medford, MA and the UUA deliver her powerful sermon about change, which she delivered at the Sunday service at the recent General Assembly in Spokane, WA.   Read more.

  • Board Highlights

    Your new Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, July 16.  We appointed Angela Garcia-Sims as Secretary, discussed changing our meeting schedule in order to increase access to participation, had an overview of policy governance for new members, discussed democratic processes in congregations, and heard an update on our strategic plan and visioning process. Minutes will be available after approval at our next board meeting.   Read more.

  • Church Directory Pictures

    It's time to update your Membership Directory photo! Submit your pictures to firstuuphotos@gmail.com, or ask Rose to take one for you. You may have a picture of you alone, or with your partner, or family!   Read more.

  • Rev. Kathleen's Sabbatical Classes Online

    To see Kathleen’s classes from her Sabbatical, follow these steps: From our website, click on Worship tab and then click on Messages. Then on the right hand side of page, click on Go to YouTube Channel. Once there click once on “Videos” and there are three of Rev.   Read more.

  • Vandalism at First Church

    On Sunday, July 14, after first service, one of our members discovered our Wayside Pulpit at the street corner had been defaced. Someone painted a swastika on the plastic cover and then lit the paint on fire to burn it into the cover, they also painted an expletive on the wall.A police report was filed and they are treating this as both vandalism and a hate crime. We want to assure our community that this sign publicly represents our deepest beliefs and we will not allow this to intimidate us.To...  Read more.

  • Save the Date - We’re having a Farewell party for Rev. Ian

    Sunday, August 25, 1 pm, Bard Hall. If you are interested in helping with this event, please contact Rev. Tania Márquez or Rev.   Read more.

  • UUJMCA Justice Journey to Tijuana

    July 19 — 22 sponsored by the UU Justice Ministry of California. Connect with individuals directly impacted by our broken immigration system. Gain a deeper understanding of the issues compounding the immigration crisis.   Read more.

  • Sunday Flower Power

    You and/or your group have a once-a-year opportunity to bring beauty and a message to the worship in the Meeting House by providing a flower arrangement or display.  Do you want to voice your story, your roots, your UU values?  Maggie can help spark your imagination and guide you in your creativity.   Read more.

  • What Happened at GA 2019?

    If you missed GA this year, we hope you’ll spend some time going over some of the amazing worship and other events that took place this year. You can find all of the recorded events at https://www.uua.org/ga/off-site/2019We would like to recommend the Ware Lecture, and The Service of the Living Tradition. We also would like to highlight the events below.   Read more.

  • Share Your Ideas Now for our New Strategic Plan

    Share your ideas for our new 5 year Strategic Plan. What is the dream church you want to attend? July 1 deadline. http://www.firstuusandiego.org/visioning  Read more.

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