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Binational Beach Cleanup at Friendship Park

On September 25th, 14 UUs from both campuses drove all the way to the end of the border wall, where the metal rods meet the ocean. We were joined by five of my students from the public school. We formed teams and proceeded to pick up as much trash as we could for almost three hours.

The beach clean-up is part of the California Coastal Clean-up, with volunteers working at over 85 sites throughout San Diego County.

At around noon, the children were given permission to walk along the edge of the water. We all gathered at the monument to enjoy some pizza and OJ before beginning the construction of our kites, made almost entirely of recycled materials!.

As children on both sides of the border worked on their kites, several UUs from the South Bay campus sang 'Spirit of Life' to the people on the Mexican side.

After that we all took turn reciting beautiful poetry in English and Spanish. One of my favorite ones was written by a poet named Jim Moreno in honor of Border Angels.