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Big Dreams and Bold Faith Ideas from the Family Conversation

In our Family conversation on March 31, a vary large piece of mural paper was taped to the wall. On it was drawn a large Chalice. The top of the page was labled "Big Dreams/Bold Faith." Everyone was give 'yellow sticky note' paper and encouraged to put their big dreams for the Church, the Community, and the Program on the notes and place the in the Chalice. People were told to dream big! This was true brainstorming and thoughts and ideas were encouraged to soar. Posted below are the notes copied from that sheet. Reading these may help your dreams soar!

Nature activities ( kids hiking, adventuring )
Nature hike and adopt a park
Community farm
Mixed use development that includes housing, a school, farm, retirement community, and social justice capacity superstore
UU Parent's group has various meet-ups on calendar - use an on-line engine to coordinate events/meetings
Arts for all - classes, performances, visiting artists, retreats
More inspiration
Family gatherings on a regular basis
Hobby groups like metal or wood  shop -- Habitat for Humanity
Parent education classes for new parents, childbirth education
Safe place for parents with small children to socialize
Growing Zen babies and kids - stress reduction
Big projects for kids to design and build
Music listening/creating club
UU choir performing at after school programs
UU hosting DV (help me remember what this is) classes for free
UU dance event twice a year.
Wild parties till dawn
We can help the homeless by reporting their severe situations. We can possibly save their lives
Cooking club every Saturday/Sunday of every month $5
UU Iron chef
Organic produce sold before /after church like Be Wise or Suzy's Organic
Imagine a bigger church building that looks more like a church than an office building with a garden and a fountain in the middle
Those who were lonely, homeless, sad now in a place of care and company
Get Van Jones to speak here
Invite national leaders to speak he
Bring my hero Tim Wise to First Church
Have a big name band play here
Making our community of San Diego healthier, healed, happier
Contemporary music services  Magic happens in the music...
Lively contemporary music
UU motorcycle club
Bulk cooking kitchen nights to benefit different groups

Add your dreams by commenting on this post. We want to hear from you! Tomorrow's post will include people's 5-year vision.

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1. Chris wrote:
DV = Domestic Violence?

Sat, April 28, 2012 @ 6:35 PM

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