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Arvid's Blog

Arvid's Blog

  • You Pick The Topic for Arvid's final Coffee and Conversation!

    Reverend Arvid Straube would like your input for his final adult educational class Coffee & Conversation. Beginning Wednesdays, April 9th, and then resuming Wednesday, April 30th through Wednesday, May 28th. The evening begins at 6:45 with coffee and conversation at 7pm lasting until 8pm or so. What would you like to discuss? Please add your topic ideas in the comments below and Arvid will contact you if your idea is chosen.

  • A Conversation About Resisting Consumerism

    On May 5, I preached a message about consumerism.  For many of us, if not most of us, consumerism is a religion and an addiction.  See the message here: Awakening from the American Nightmare: Consumerism and Hungry Ghosts.mp3. I invited members of the congregation to share their success stories about resisting the consumerist ethic to define life as getting things and then throwing them away. Read more.

  • Meditation Resources

    Meditation Resources Here are some meditation resources that I promised in my Hillcrest message on January 27.  This message will be repeated at our South Bay campus on February 10. There are several opportunities to learn and practice meditation on our two campuses. Read more.

  • Returning From A Silent Retreat

    For well over 20 years now, my main spiritual practice has been attending silent meditation retreats of 7-10 days.  These retreats are led by teachers of the Mindfulness Buddhist tradition.  I just returned Sunday, May 27, from a retreat with Shinzen Young, whom I have studied with for many years; www.shinzen.org.  Read more.

  • A Peacenik Salutes Our Military On Veterans Day

    I'm a bleeding heart liberal and a peacenik.  I opposed the war in Iraq before it ever started and thought President Obama's escalation of the war in Afganistan was a huge mistake.  But this Veteran's Day I want to express my gratitude to the men and women in our armed forces.  In an age of increasing selfishness and self-centeredness, where so many people seem to have the shallowest of lives and values, these are people who are willing to dedicate their lives and risk maiming and...

  • 5 Signs That You Are Making Spiritual Progress

    Arvid’s Arcana 5 Signs Of Spiritual Progress Is your spiritual life progressing? Is your spiritual practice unfolding in a good way? Here are 5 signs of spiritual progress according to meditation teacher Shinzen Young, with whom I have studied for many years.

  • Responses to my Ayn Rand sermon

    If you haven't heard my sermon on the novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand on July 3 you may want to listen to it to get the context for the conversation which follows.  Ayn Rand preached the virtue of selfishness and said that altruism was moral depravitity.  Her philosophy is that of the Tea Party movement and many influential right wing public figure. After the sermon, I invited people to respond to what I had to say.  Here are some responses: This is from Fritz Stocker: Your fine...

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