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Church Archives

The Purpose of the Church Archives is to preserve the history of our church community here in San Diego, and to make the material available for members and researchers now and in the future.

Established to preserve the history of our church community here in San Diego since its beginning in 1873, our church archives today holds numerous documents, photographs, scrap books, plat maps, building plans, title policies, deeds, pledge drive reports, musical programs, orders of service, sermons, newsletters, board minutes, council minutes, audio visual records, Women’s Alliance written records, financial books and reports, obituaries, minister’s marriage record books, Annual reports, and the history books complied by our church archivists which tell the story of our church community.

The following are the Principles of Collection for the Church Archives which govern what items will be accepted and maintained:

  • All items must relate to this church and congregation.
  • All items must be dated
  • All photographs should be labeled with names of people and events as well as dated. Negatives should be in labeled packaging.
  • Newspaper, Magazine, and other printed articles should mention the church and contain the name and date of the publication.
  • Video and audio materials must be labeled.
  • Any items left in the archives mail box should have the name and contact information of the donor so they may be reached if there are questions that need to be asked for clarification or to obtain additional information.
  • If there are questions about the appropriateness of an item, it is best to contact Liz Jones before leaving items for the archives.
  • Disposition of any duplicate materials will be at the discretion of the committee unless the donor requests that the items be returned if they are not used.

Interestind in our Church Archives?

The Boone Archive Room in the Welcome Center contains thousands of documents which record the church’s history. To step into this room is to step into 130 years of great progress and accomplishment in revealing and unfolding the truth of our existence and purpose here on planet Earth. Stop by some time!